Ian Garry, the Irishman who is undefeated in the UFC and wants to be the ‘new McGregor’

Ian Garry (15-0), an undefeated welterweight fighter, is being one of the sensations of the moment in MMA. His recent victory against a Bellator legend like Michael ‘Venom’ Page (22-3), opening the main card last Saturday at UFC 303, has given him more prominence within the company. But this fight has been more than criticized within the sector.

It is true that his record is immovable and he is 8-0 in the UFC, but he is receiving a lot of criticism for the strategy he chose to achieve victory against MVP. In the pre-fight press conference, the way he said he was going to fight was totally different from the way he showed against ‘Venom’. A first round marked by the Irishman’s grappling made him take it.

However, the second put Garry on the ropes after some solid connections of blows by Michael Page. In the third, ‘The Future’ chose to win the fight in an inconspicuous way, constantly taking his opponent to the ground to win the fight and maintain his undefeated record.

The fans anticipated a spectacular fight, since that is what characterizes Garry… but seeing him perform several takedowns and try to submit his opponent, The followers were amazed by the attitude shown. It was also speculated that this strategy was due to the fear of going hand-to-hand with MVP.

Given these criticisms, The Irish fighter did not remain silent and ignored those comments: “I don’t care what people say. They raised my hand, 15-0, undefeated. Eight consecutive victories. It is the longest active streak in the welterweight division. People can say what they want. At the end of the day, I’m living my life, they raise my hand and I get paid.”

At the end of the day, I’m living my life, they raise my hand and pay me

Ian Garry

After this fight, Garry feels more powerful than ever and sees himself as one of the next fighters to enter history: “I’m going to do it by any means necessary and I don’t care how it’s done. “In 10 years, my name will be in the GOAT conversation.”he stated in the press conference after his victory at UFC 303.

Conor McGregor, his role model

His cocky attitude inside and outside the octagonhis controversial statements and your performance in the company at such a young age They remind us of ‘The Notorious’ who fell in love with every Mixed Martial Arts follower. In addition, he managed to overcome the Irishman’s seven-fight winning streak.

The young 26-year-old fighter has always had McGregor as a reference, and this is what he has shown since his beginnings in the UFC. He has sparred with him, he has imitated him in his walkouts to the octagon with his characteristic entrance. and his style inside the cage is very similar to that of the former champion.

Ian Machado Garry has already stalked his next victim. Another of the statements he said after finishing UFC 303 was the call to number three welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov (18-0), in which he claims to want to be the first to take away his undefeated record. “I have trained with him. I have a lot of respect for him, but I want to be the first to take that zero away, and I know I can do it.”

I want to be the first to take that 0 from Rakhmonov and I know I can do it

Ian Garry

Everything seems to indicate that, if this fight takes place, The winner will fight for the welterweight title against the current champion, Leon Edwards… or against Muhammad, who wants to dethrone him at the next UFC 304 in Manchester. If ‘The Future’ manages to beat the Kazakh, it could be a very spicy fight for the belt and become one of the best fights of the decade due to that brawl that occurred between both fighters, in which the Jamaican expelled him from his gym.


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