ITV ‘by surprise’: what is it, when do they do it and what do they examine about your car?

A At this point every driver knows what a ITV, regardless of whether your car is a few years old or relatively new and has never faced this type of inspection. However, what very few know is that the DGTthrough Traffic Group of the Civil Guard, You can also order us to stop to perform a ITV by surprise to our vehicle. It doesn’t matter the car type in which we go on a trip or if we go with the entire family and the car loaded with luggage; If it’s our turn, we have no choice but to agree. And regarding the moment in which they do it to us, it can be any day and any time.


The measure is not new in the European Union, where these checks have been carried out routinely for years. But in Spain this measure has been released in 2024 and in the first six months of the year they have already been carried out nearly 6,000 inspectionsaccording to Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA-ITV).

ITV ‘visual’ o completa

The road MOT can be done two ways. One of them is very simple and in reality cannot be considered as a standard technical inspection of vehicles, because it only consists of the agents controlling what can be verified. naked eye, like holding the charge or the operation of the lights or horn.


The other, however, is a full-fledged ITV. In fact, it is done with a mobile unit which has all the necessary equipment to examine brakes, steering, lighting, electrical components, the condition of the axles and wheels, the suspension and even polluting emissions. Everything necessary for these checks is in a van that you may have never seen, but that doesn’t stop ‘working’.

Qualified staff

Logically, the checks require a specific specialization, which is why they are qualified staff with proper training. And if for some reason there is a section that presents doubts about its operation, the agents who accompany the technicians have the power to guide you at the same time. to a fixed ITV station for a second check.


In the event that the roadside inspection detects serious or very serious failures The procedure is the same as if they are detected in a ‘normal’ station, which means that you have to re-present the vehicle at a fixed station to verify that the fault has been resolved. And if the problem is directly that the ITV is out of date, The agents are obliged to issue the corresponding fine of 200 euros and call on the owner of the vehicle to take it to a repair shop as soon as possible. MOT fixed to pass the inspection.

Of course, the ITV on the road does not replace which we are obliged to do in a fixed MOT, since it is only a additional control measure. Therefore, they will not give us a new sticker nor will we avoid passing it again, even if we have the appointment for the next day.


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