Joaquín Sabina announces his retirement from music: 2025 will be his last year

Mhalf a century later, Joaquín Sabina says goodbye to the stage. The artist from Úbeda has announced in the last few hours that in the coming months he says goodbye to one of the best musical careers of the history of our country. Through a statement that has been published both on his social networks and on his website, the musician will have a farewell tour that will put an end to his career.

The name of this concert series will be ‘Hello and goodbye’ and will begin next February. First of all, for 11 weeks, Joaquín Sabina will go through Mexico, United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Subsequently, the artist will be present, after a break, in Spain and Europe. “The dates, cities and ticket sales will be announced in July for America and in September for Spain,” the statement said.

The truth is that his last contact with the public was a success, since people continue to love a groundbreaking and outstanding composer. In his almost 60 concerts in more than a dozen countries, more than 700,000 people They have seen Sabina remembering her best songs.

“Sabina gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to her songs”

The statement highlights that “The enthusiasm, professionalism and experience of the teacher from Úbeda defeated the initial vertigo” in what is considered “the most resounding tour of his long career.” Therefore, the challenge now is huge, since he will return to the stage for the last time in many countries.

Joaquín Sabina announces his retirement from music: 2025 will be his last year

“With this new tour, Sabina gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to some songs that, even though they are too young for the eternity that awaits them and that from our point of view no longer seem to come from a singer-songwriter, but from the very sources of popular tradition, resisting the passage of successive generations unscathed, they will never again They will be sung before thousands of people by their own author, who retires his role as a globetrotter with a guitar at the ready, celebrating his own survival with this farewell treat,” adds this farewell letter.


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