Joselu explains Mbappé’s signing with the Buyer: “After the vaccination he received at the Camp Nou…”

The Buyer brothers, Javi and Eric They are experiencing the Euro Cup in a very special way. With the help of Adidas they are able to be close to the Spanish National Teamand record videos with the players, both interviews and different games.

Yesterday it was Fabián and Joselu’s turn, who faced a challenge to guess the players from photos of their childhood and then see who was closest to the market value of the different stars. Beyond the classic competitiveness of this type of player, The forward took advantage and unleashed a couple of ‘sticks’ at the streamers, renowned culés.

“With the vaccination that got you into the Camp Nou…”

The first moment of ‘hesitation’ came when the players were playing a guessing game. Joselu didn’t have the best start, and Fabián started 3-0. The Buyers reminded the forward of that: “Joselu is still in the box with the mask“.

However, the player did not want to remain silent, and immediately responded sarcastically, reminding influencers of this year’s titles: “I’m still in Cibeles, man…“. That made the content creators laugh, who were not expecting that response.

Joselu’s hesitations with the Buyer BrothersYouTuber / XBuyer

But it did not stay there. When arriving at ‘the right price’, trying to guess the value of the players on Transfermarkt, Joselu and Fabián were asked how much Mbappé was worth, something that seemed unfair to the Madrid player as he was the midfielder’s former teammate at PSG. However, the Buyers reminded him of his signing: “If he has been on loan from Madrid for three years“.

Of course, Joselu also had an answer to this, and with a smile he replied: “Of course, after the vaccination that got you into the Camp Nou…“. These were two fun moments of the competition between Fabián Ruiz and Joselu Mato with the Buyer Brothers.

The journey of the Buyer Brothers through Germany

Javi and Eric are giving the best possible content during this Euro Cup. Content creators are closely following the Spanish National Teammaking videos with the players, reacting to the matches played in both the group stage and the round of 16 and even showing what the concentration hotel is like inside.

The Buyer Brothers are doing incredible work, also giving a close point of view to the players so that the followers who watch them on YouTube They can know more about the national team that is fighting to win the fourth Euro Cup.


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