Jude Bellingham makes the leap into the world of fashion… with Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities media of the international scene. The influencer has more than 360 million followers on Instagram who give a good example of their pull, both on social networks and in the media, where they are also one of the most common names in the tabloid press. The model has managed to expand its popularity thanks to his participation in various television programs, even starring in a documentary about his life and that of his family on the small screen.

However, Kardashian has also known move in the business fieldpresenting its exclusive underwear brand Skimswith which he starred in many headlines thanks to eye-catching collectionssuch as one of women’s tops and underwear with the nipple area especially marked, sparking some controversy months ago.

Now, their Skims brand has returned to the media front page thanks to his latest big signing: the English player from Real Madrid Jude Bellingham. This has been confirmed by Kim Kardashian herself on her social networks, where she has shared several images of the player wearing his brand’s underwear to announce his new addition as the face of Skims.

A galactic signing

From this point of view, Jude Bellingham is one of the famous list who have collaborated with Skims, acting as model on social networks to announce the men’s line of the brand. In the images shared by Kardashian you can see the Real Madrid footballer wearing different underwear from the aforementioned brand, changing between poses between images.

Jude Bellingham makes the leap into the world of fashion... with Kim Kardashian!

Con clear references to football with a classic ballthe midfielder poses by tapping the ball or doing his iconic celebrationin a publication that is close to adding half a million ‘likes’ in just one hour, demonstrating not only Kardashian’s media power, but also the impact of one of the new stars of the team led by Carlo Ancelotti.

Jude Bellingham makes the leap into the world of fashion... with Kim Kardashian!


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