Koeman, with England “this is what it is”: Spain is more than warned

Nor it is the team that plays the best, far from it; He has only won one game out of six in 90 minutes – Watkins’ goal came in the 91st minute -, he has received more (deserved) criticism than anyone… but England is in the final of the Euro Cup (2-1) for the second consecutive edition. “It is what it is”, what Koeman would say. One day it’s Bellingham’s overhead kick, another it’s penalties, the third it’s the umpteenth game changer in the championship… but Southgate (almost) always has a hard time. They have a star. Spain is more than warned of what awaits it.

How the hell could Xavi Simons leave Barcelona for free?

His name is Xavier Quentin Shay Simons in honor of Xavi Hernández and as a child he did ‘mischief’ – while collecting millions of followers on ‘Instagram’ – with the Barcelona shirt. I don’t know if it was a question of money, of sporting ambition, but… How the hell could Xavi Simons go to PSG for free in 2019? A commission of investigation will have to be created and responsibilities determined. Even more so rereading the interview that ‘talent scout’ Ferney Agudelo gave to ‘L’Équipe’: “The week in which the decision to leave was made, he spent it in his room crying”. Then little by little he understood.” His goal, for the Netherlands’ 0-1, is brilliant: it had only a 2% chance of ending in a goal. He stole Rice’s wallet and hit a right hand from 21 meters at 116 km/h unstoppable for Pickford. At 21 years and 80 days old he became the fourth youngest player to score in a Euro Cup semi-final.

Hey, Jude, not like that!

Jude Bellingham’s 53rd game this season was special. He returned to what was his home for three years in Signal Iduna Park. However, the Madrid player did not shine. Quite the opposite: he went completely unnoticed.. It was difficult for him to enter the game leaning to the left in Southgate’s drawing, he left some detail of his enormous class… but he failed to generate danger coming from the second line. The feeling is that the season is getting long.. In his ‘debt’ we must attribute an ugly tackle at ground level on De Vrij in the 72nd minute. He went for the ball, but found a player. He saw the yellow one. It was orange.

Foden wanted to do Lamine’s… but he left out

Phil Foden still hasn’t scored or assisted in this Euro Cup. Against the Netherlands, the ‘MVP’ of the Premier had bad luck, it must be said. He beat Verbruggen one-on-one in the 23rd minute, but Dumfries took the ball from him under the line. In the 32nd minute it was the post that denied him the goal. The Manchester City star hit a left-footed shot from the edge of the area very similar to Lamine’s against France… but with different luck. The stick ‘pocketed’ Yamal’s goal inwards to make it one of the goals of the Euro Cup and, on the other hand, it repelled Phil’s goal outwards.

Harry Kane, the ‘Sir of the goal’

Kane is inflating himself to receive criticism in this Euro Cup. “I’m worried that we have a Cristiano Ronaldo in the team and we have to play with him”, Jamie O’Hara, formerly of Tottenham, came to assure. However, Bayern’s ‘9’, even far from his best version, scored again, from a penalty and he is already tied at three goals with Dani Olmo, Schranz, Gakpo, Mikautadze and Musiala in the fight for the Golden Boot. In any case, there is one piece of information that better explains the importance of England’s historic top scorer for the ‘three lions’. Kane (6) overtook Griezmann (5) as the player who has scored the most goals in the knockout phase in the history of the Euro. He is also the first player, in 60 years, to score in two consecutive semifinals.

The departure of Memphis, good for Atlético

“The players visualize the Euro Cup and will make an effort to reach that competition in the best way”assured Simeone in a clear ‘slap on the wrist’ for Memphis. However, Depay no longer plays when he wants, but when he can. The Netherlands’ second all-time top scorer – 46 goals in 98 caps – has gone through the Euro on tiptoe. Koeman also gave him a tantarantan before facing England in the semis… and he left after half an hour, unfortunately, injured. He leaves Atlético, as he came, for free and without leaving a mark. He already left United and Barcelona in the same way. I don’t think they will miss him.


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