“Lamine Yamal does illegal things”

Rio Ferdinandlegend of Manchester United who succeeds as a television analyst in TNT Sportssurrendered to the talent of Lamine Yamal in his great game to lead Spain to beat France 2-1 in the semi-finals of the Euro Cup.

“Illegal things from Lamine Yamal”Ferdinand published in X (Twitter) highlighting that the FC Barcelona forward is barely 16 years old.

Rio Ferdinand surrenders to the genius of Lamine Yamal: “Make quick decisions and simply choose the right pass at the right time”

In a more thorough analysis, the former West Ham United, Bournemouth, Leeds United, Manchester United and Queens Park Rangers player declared on BBC Sport that what surprises him most about Lamine Yamal “is the calmness with which he plays.

“He plays like someone who has been playing for a long time. He makes quick decisions and simply chooses the right pass at the right time,” highlighted the 45-year-old former footballer.

“The simplicity with which he plays is very difficult to achieve. We know what it is like when you are a young player who joins any team, much less the national team. You are thinking about showing people why you are there and then you you overdo it… Nine times out of 10 you see young players who at some point in the game try too hard… and we haven’t said that once about this kid. Invariably, he makes the right decision nine times out of 10. and a half. And at 16 years old,” explained the Camberwell (Inglaterra).

Rio Ferdinand: “The question is, how to stop Lamine Yamal? That is the enigma now for his opponents”

Rio Ferdinand threw into the air the million-dollar question that the world of football asks: “How do you stop Lamine Yamal?”

“The question is, how to stop him? That’s the enigma now for his opponents. If you get close he dribbles over you. If you stay away… he overtakes you,” he noted.

We know that he has a wonderful left foot and shows that he is a special player

Rio Ferdinand

“We know that he has a wonderful left foot and shows that he is a special player,” Ferdinand said of Yamal.


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