Lamine Yamal vs Vinicius in EA FC: Which started with the best card in the game?

LThe EA Sports FC cards, as the successor to FIFA is called, vary from year to year. Players can start the game with better scores if they were able to have a good previous seasonin addition to improving throughout the games.

However, there are some that stand out from such an early age that it is difficult for EA to make cards for them. This is the case of Lamine Yamal, who, being less than 17 years old, could not yet appear in the FCand he has done it in the Euro Cup special.

A good card, similar to Ansu Fati

Taking into account his ‘explosion’ age within traditional football, as well as his position, there are two outstanding players with whom he can be compared. His predecessor at FC Barcelona, ​​Ansu Fati, and his rival at Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr.

The right winger of the Spanish team is being one of the hopes for ‘la Roja’ ahead of the Euro Cup. EA FC has decided to give him an initial average of 76 points, so he starts out as a player with a gold card.

He is still 16 years old, so his photo does not appear, but he is already comparable to Vinicius Jr and Ansu Fati when he arrived. Fati, who will be his teammate at FC Barcelona next year after finishing his loan, He had his first card in FIFA 20, and he arrived with 73 pointsbeing a silver player, and therefore, below Lamine.

Vinicius, for his part, started out as golden, just like Yamal.. The Real Madrid forward had its first appearance in FIFA 19, with 77 points, and it didn’t take long for him to draw special cards. He therefore started one point above Lamine, but he is the player that EA could use as a reference to raise the average.

All of this is, for now, still in FC 24, so it remains to be seen how FC 25 begins, the first game in which it will appear in full. It’s clear that the game’s creators are confident in the quality of the winger, and his improvement in the simulator is probably exponential.


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