Laporta wants to hit a big shot

EThis summer market will once again be very complicated for the Barcelona. The Barcelona club continues exceeded their wage bill And today, despite numerous attempts, he still does not have the millions that Libero promised at the time and that LaLiga has penalized him when signing. This means that at this moment, Barcelona cannot strengthen itself in any way.

Nonetheless, Laporta’s optimism continues through the clouds. The president is saying that he wants to make a ‘big splash’ in this market once the financial problems outlined above have been resolved. Because he is totally confident that he will fix them in the next few weeks. And if he achieves it, he will have the margin, that’s what he thinks, to make at least one big signing.

Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal’s ‘rock, paper, scissors’… for a bottle!TWITTER

First on the president’s list

And everyone knows that this great signing is called Nico Williams. Right now, the operation is on the fridge waiting for the millions to arrive, but the president wants to sign him in this market. Firstly, because of the quality that he has been demonstrating, not only in this Euro Cup, but for months now in Athletic. But, above all, for the illusion that it would generate in Barcelona fans. Nico, inseparable from Lamine Yamal in the national team’s training camp, is the one desired by the fans. The couple formed by these two players, now close friends, would raise the culé’s self-esteem to unsuspected levels.

Sports planning

We will have to talk to Flick and with Deco, because one thing is the illusion that a player creates for the fans and the president and another is what Barcelona needs at the moment. No one is aware that the first need of the team is a pivot in the center of the field. He has had it since Busquets decided to leave a year ago. The club was unable to resolve it last summer and is now continuing to watch the market.


Pivot Options

There are many names on the table. Onana, Kimmich, Javi Guerra…The list is extensive, but these are the best placed. And what seems clear is that there will not be enough money to make two big signings. We will have to choose between strengthening the midfield well or betting on a winger. as is Nico Williams who has a fixed price of 58 million eurosnothing outrageous for the performance it is offering and the youth it possesses.

Rahinha, Ansu Fati, Joao Félix…

Barcelona has several players on the roster who would have to leave for Nico to arrive. The most logical thing is that Raphinha was transferred. It has a poster in the Premier and could get a few million although ‘reduced’ due to the pending amortization. It is assumed that Ansu Fati will also leave, whether sold or loaned, while if Nico comes, a second loan for Joao Félix would have to be studied carefully. Lamine, Ferran and Lewandowski They remain safely, while everything indicates that Vitor Roque will go out on loan.


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