Laura Escanes confesses what her ‘red flag’ is in relationships: “I hate that”

DSince her breakups with Risto Mejide and Álvaro de Luna, Laura Escanes has not stopped monopolizing all the media spotlights. In recent months, the Catalan influencer has been in the news for some controversial statements about the age difference in couples.. In fact, between her and the presenter of ‘Everything is a Lie’ there was a difference of 22 years.

“I don’t regret it at all because I was very in love and I have lived very happy years. (…) I truly believed that a couple with an age difference is viable, that if there is love absolutely nothing happens. And now I think no, there are many factors that do affect it. (…) When there is such a difference in age, you are not at the same vital moment,” said the model.

Beyond these statements, Laura Escanes is usually in the news for her alleged new dreamsalthough to date there is nothing certain nor has she spoken about a new love.

Laura Escanes’ reflection on ‘ghosting’

The influencer and model, returning from Tarragona, wanted to share a reflection with all her followers, who are almost two million on her Instagram profile. Risto Mejide’s ex, with whom she has a daughter in common, has made public a ‘red flag’ of hers.

“I always take advantage of the train to finish reviewing all the old WhatsApp messages that sometimes accumulate. I swear I always try to answer, but I apologize publicly to all the people I have ghosted. because I feel FATAL,” Laura Escanes explained on her social networks.

Furthermore, the Catalan wanted to give more details and clarified the reason why it happens: “It’s like in my head I answer and then it doesn’t happen and I realize after a few weeks and of course, I’m terrible and I hate that about me. We could say that that is a ‘red flag’ of mine.”


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