Let’s take the big leap: Oviedo and Espanyol start the promotion final

EOviedo, which finished sixth in the League, arrives full of morale for the first game of the final for promotion against Espanyol, who was fourth, and, Furthermore, he does it with Santi Cazorla in the call, which is always a plus for the team and fans, although it is not clear that he can contribute on the pitch. Luis Carrión decided to include Dry among those summoned to be a key piece in everything surrounding the meeting. The eleven that won in Ipurua on Wednesday has many options to repeat from the start in a Carlos Tartiere who will once again present an unbeatable appearance and who will be very close to the full house.

The football and emotional moment of the Carbayón team is in one of his high points of the entire season and has appeared in the final for promotion convinced that this year could be the perfect year to return to the top category after 23 years without setting foot in it and to do this they will look for a good result from their fans that will fuel their chances of achieving it.

In the memory of the Oviedo fans it is the match of the first round of the League that ended with a 2-0 in favor of the blues, a result that would be a dream to travel to Stage Front Stadium in a week’s time. It is also remembered the good game played in Cornellá, less than a month ago, and in which they fell after several controversial VAR decisions that significantly harmed the interests of the blues.

Balance, one round for each

In December, Oviedo won at the Carlos Tartiere with goals from Masca and Colombatto, in what was the first defeat for Ramis’s Espanyol, while on May 20 the Perico team, already with Manolo on the bench, came back with goals from Braithwaite and Cabrera scored Oier Luengo’s goal and the VAR annulled two goals against the Carbayones. That is, a duel for each one.

The defensive solidity demonstrated against Eibar, who was left without scoring in both games of the semifinals, is one of the great arguments that the blues will use to achieve glory. Besides, the state of form of players like Sebas Moyano or Jaime Seoane They can be key in the resolution of the tie.


Espanyol, after leaving out Sporting, has to return to Asturian lands to try to deal a new blow and get closer to the top category a year after losing it. Although arriving is the best moment of the course, as Manolo González pointed out yesterday, so does Oviedo, which arrives with morale through the roof and with maximum enthusiasm.

The Spanish, which was ahead of Oviedo in the standings after 42 days of the regular seasonhas that advantage in the tie, since In addition to playing the second leg at home, in the event of a goal tie after a hypothetical overtime, the parakeet team would go up. Despite this, the locals cling to the result of the first round at the Carlos Tartiere.

The blue and white arrive with the losses of Omar El Hilaliwho saw the red card against Sporting, and Pol Lozano, off the list due to injury. It is expected that in addition to the forced change of Omar, the parakeet technician can make some more modifications, since less than 72 hours ago since the second leg of the semi-finals in El Molinón.


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