Los Lakers contraatacan: un ‘Big Three’ antiCeltics

El signing of Klay Thompson to the Mavericks for three seasons and $50 million has caused a domino effect in the NBAespecially in what concerns the Lakerswho see how one of their priority objectives has blown up to reinforce their staff and satisfy the demands of LeBron James y Anthony Davis has flown right under their noses. After this fiasco, the Angelenos They are going to focus all their efforts on acquiring the services of DeMar DeRozanformer of Chicago Bulls and prolific scorer.

In fact, Negotiations between the Californian franchise and the player are already underwayas he assured Chris Haynes, de Turner Sports, in an appearance on NBA TV’s Free Agent Fever. “The Lakers missed the opportunity. They lost Klay. And I know there has already been communication between the Lakers and DeMar’s agent, Aaron Goodwin. “It will be necessary to have a one-year agreement, or a sign-and-trade agreement to be able to get a three-year agreement,” he said.

Biggest free agent left available

“The Lakers need to get creative, cut some players and lighten their expense account to be able to get DeMar there,” said the Turner Sports journalist. ” Haynes said. “They felt like they had a legitimate shot at getting Klay. Now they have to make a change, so Who is left out there that can make sense? Anyone who is a star caliber player that LeBron James is looking for on this team for next season? “DeMar DeRozan is the biggest free agent available,” explained the Turner Sports journalist.


DeMar de Rozan He averaged 24 points, 5.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds in 79 games with the Chicago Bulls in 2023-24, numbers that are actually superior to those of Thompson. He does not have the same championship pedigree as the former Warriors player, but he could be a fundamental piece for offload all offensive responsibility of the Angelenos to James and Davis. They would form a fearsome ‘Big Three’ in attack.

LeBron will take a pay cut for DeRozan to arrive

LeBron James has not yet sealed his continuity with the Lakersbut he is expected to do so after deciding not to execute the automatic renewal of his contract, for which he would have received 50 million dollars annually. Brian Windhorst de ESPNsaid on the Hoop Collective podcast that James would take a pay cut if it would help the team sign DeRozan.

LeBron prioritizes improving the squad. He has remained firm about the effort the Lakers must make to bring in more figures

Rich Paul (CEO of Lutch Sports and LeBron’s agent)

This point was confirmed by himself. Rich Paul, CEO de Klutch Sports and historical agent and friend of LeBron James and many of the great stars of the NBA. “LeBron prioritizes improving the roster. He has remained firm about the effort the Lakers must make to bring in more figures.” That’s why in his new contract ‘King’ James could forgive money If that means your team can bring a figure.


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