Luis Suárez’s threat due to Borja’s ‘drooling’: “The one above is watching and…”

Luis Suárez had words in the mixed zone for the Colombian Miguel Borja, who celebrated his qualification for the final in the face of the rival footballers. The Uruguayan striker reproached him on the field of play and issued this threat to the media.

What is most annoying is Borja’s way of ‘drooling’ and celebrating.

“They are game situations that remain there. There are always squabbles, laughter… but what is most annoying is the way of ‘drooling’, of celebrating that Borja had that makes no sense. We eliminated Brazil the other day and none of them passed in front of any player from Brazil. On the contrary, we went to greet him afterwards because we are colleagues on the field and we know what it feels like to be eliminated like that in front of a professional colleague is ugly… but oh well. The one at the top is looking at everything and everything comes back,” said Luis Suárez.

Pitched battle in Uruguay-Colombia

Shameful pitched battle between Uruguayan players and Colombian fans

This was the embarrassing pitched battle between players from Uruguay and fans from Colombia.


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