Luka Doncic also breaks social networks

El Luka Doncic phenomenon, Despite going 2-0 in the grand final against the Boston Celtics, it is more than a reality in the NBA. His Playoffs, his unique talent and charisma like the great stars of history they make a supernova. He is faced with the challenge of the next step, which will be to try to fight for the championship ring, but even if it does not arrive, it will transcend. Its impact on social networks also says so.

The NBA published a series of data that adds even more value the Doncic phenomenon. His Mavericks are the most viewed team on NBA social networks, with 813 million views. The winning shot over Rudy Gobert in Game 2 of the Western Finals is the second most viewed NBA play on Instagram in the Playoffs. And their games are in greater demand, as shown by the 22% growth in audience in Spain through the NBA League Pass platform.

Goes further. Why The NBA finals against the Boston Celtics go around the world. It is the most followed first final game in NBA history on social networks, with 130 million views. And in Spain the audience for the match increased by 61%.

It also goes hand in hand with its rivals. Because The Celtics, one of the most popular teams ever, also break records. Its star, Jayson Tatum, has the third best-selling t-shirt worldwide only behind Curry and LeBron James. And, in other countries, it is very present. For example, the strength of Porzingis causes Latvia to increase its subscriptions to NBA League Pass by 63% and the audience on the platform to increase fivefold.

The Doncic phenomenon, his finals and the power of having a rival like the Celtics goes around the world. Now they have the most difficult one yet, only five times has a 2-0 in the NBA Finals: the 1968 Celtics, 1977 Blazers, 2006 Miami Heat, 2016 Cavs and 2021 Bucks. But the Luka phenomenon is unique and can be believed.


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