Madrid, in suspense for Mbappé

Lto elimination of France of the Euro at the hands of Spain opens a new chapter in Kylian’s life Mbappé. On Tuesday the 16th, the new life of France’s 10 begins, with its presentation, which is expected to be massive, in Santiago Bernabeu.

But first, Mbappé faces an appointment that, far from being the usual procedure in the case of new Real Madrid signings, comes with enormous significance. The French forward will be examined in detailas always, for the white club’s medical services, who on this occasion must pay attention to a part of Kylian’s body that occupies and worries: his nose.

Mbappé’s nasal appendage has been one of the main protagonists of the Euro, since in France’s first match the footballer hit the shoulder of a defender from Austria when attempting a header, a luck in which, by the way, the former of the PSG. Mbappé’s broken nose became a state matter in the French team’s concentration, from that same day until this Tuesday, when Mbappé got rid of the mask that had been overwhelming him in previous matches to face the duel against Spain.

Mbappé: “It’s disappointing when you don’t win”

In the previous match, against Portugalit was a blow to the mask (and not to the nose) after a shot from Bernard Silva the one who set off all the alarms again in France. And in Madrid, although the white club has not sent any specialist to study the problem of its new player in situ. What there has been is a close communication with the doctors of the French teamwith whom the professionals in that area in Madrid maintain a relationship fluid relationship.

It also happens that when Mbappé’s mishap with the Austrian occurred Distinguishon June 17, Mbappé was still legally a PSG player, despite the fact that Madrid had officially announced the signing of the forward two weeks earlier. Logically, the natural thing is that the Parisian club ignored the state of health of its still footballer, with whom things did not end in an idyllic way, but Madrid could not intervene in it directly.

Thus, the medical examination next Tuesday, far from routine For Mbappé, it will be decisive to trace the Roadmap of his first weeks as a Madrid player. In principle, upon reaching the Euro semifinals, Mbappé should join Madrid at the beginning of Augustwhen the team returns from the tour of the United States, with three games against Milan, Barça and Chelsea. Carlo’s idea Ancelotti is to count on everyone for the first official event of the season, the European Super Cup which takes place on August 14 in Warsaw before the Atalanta. But, in the case of Mbappé, we will have to wait until Tuesday to know the plan in more detail.


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