Madrid’s 9: Di Stéfano, Santillana, Ronaldo, Benzema… and Mbappé

ENumber 9 is for the goal. It is the one that Real Madrid has reserved for Kylian Mbappé. That shirt, the number 9, identifies the great scorers in white history, although curiously the top scorer in their history, Cristiano Ronaldo With his 451 official goals in 438 games, he will only wear that shirt for the first of his nine seasons in Madrid. He went with the 7 with the number that devoured brands.

The first one to take to the field with Madrid’s number 9 was in Prudence. The debut of the shirts with numbers came on November 23, 1947 and a painful defeat: 5-0 in the visit to the Metropolitano. “What a number, gentlemen!” BRAND after the game. Pruden was the 9th Madrid that day, the first.


Nothing about what Madrid is today can be understood without the figure of Alfredo di Stefano. His arrival changed the history of world football and he carried Real Madrid’s number 9 shirt with symbolism and weight. Beyond statistics (308 goals, the first five European Cups, eight Leagues…) left the mark of a unique player, for many still today the best in history, the 9 who was everything. Because Don Alfredo was football in its entirety. His arrival was after a soap opera that has nothing to envy of Mbappé’s. And his departure from the club did not live up to his legend at all.


The footprint of Carlos Alonso Santillana in Madrid it was drawn up based on impossible flights to score headed goals that were a challenge to the laws of physics for human beings. The Cantabrian arrived in Madrid in the summer of 1971 to remain at the club until 1988. The comebacks of the 80s caught him in the final stretch of his career, but his partnership with Juanita He capitalized on them to a large extent. He knows it well Inter. Puma ended their flights with a last goal against Valladolid at the Bernabéu, their trademark. There were 290 goals, 16 titles and one thorn: not winning the European Cup.


Possibly the most lethal finisher in Madrid’s history. Of his 208 goals in seven seasons, you can count on your hands the ones that required more than two touches to send the ball into the net. He arrived in the summer of 1985, when Ramon Mendoza The presidential office landed with the Mexican, Gordillo y Maceda as values ​​to change history. Hugo Sánchez was the scorer of the golden era of Quinta del Buitre. He appropriated a 9 that was an acquired right of Santillana. Of course, in the Cantabrian’s goodbye he was 8th and Santillana 9th. The League was his garden, but he resisted the European Cup.


The Chilean arrived at Madrid during a difficult time, Dream Team de Cruyff and the dominance of Barcelona. His character, his heart and his fighting spirit soon won over the Bernabéu. He went for over 100 goals (101) in his four seasons with him in the White House. Arriving Valdano to Madrid for the 1994-95 season he made it clear that he wanted another 9, as he also did not have Amavisca. The two were key to winning LaLiga, as in the blow of the 5-0 to Barça of Cruyff from that season.


And also from Amsterdam and the Séptima, although against Juve it was 15. Morientes was the center forward of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth. What Santillana, Hugo and Zamorano resisted, El Moro achieved. He was the third starting striker for Madrid to win the European Cup. Before, only Di Stéfano (five) and Grosso9 before Partisan in the 1966 final. Morientes scored 100 goals for Madrid. His departure is part of the goodbyes that could have been done better.


The question is clear: what would have happened if he had arrived at Madrid sooner? And healthy. Because the Ronaldo who wore white between 2002 and 2007 (104 goals) He was a player who had been brutally hit by injuries. And yet he was unique. Because he was a special footballer. He explains that the day he debuted in white, before the Alavés At the Bernabéu, his first two shots went into the cage. It is one of those phenomena that was without ever winning the Champions.


Like Di Stéfano, won five European Cups He was a number 9 who was much more than a center forward and his departure, less thorny, has not been like the legend he became either. It was his decision. Because Benzema did not resist the Saudi mega-offer and decided not to try to be Gent and his six European Cups and extend a goal tally that stopped at 354 goals, only surpassed by Cristiano, and won more titles than anyone else. He arrived at the age of 21 to wear the 11 first. And he left at 35 as one of the most impressive legends to have worn the Madrid shirt.


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