María José Suárez, terrified by the intimate videos recorded by Escassi and her lover: “What a bad guy!”

Lthe rupture between Maria Jose Suarez and Alvaro Munoz Escassi has become the theme of recent months. Both, after several years of relationship, separated their paths after a trip of several days through Norway in which there were even rumors of a supposed wedding between the two.

However, controversy broke out after the end of their relationship. This Wednesday, July 10, Most of the covers of the social chronicle have this issue as their central theme.. One of them is the magazine Readingswhich has opened with the possible extortion what the model would be experiencing on behalf of Valeri Cuéllar, the rider’s lover.

The trigger for this topic would be some images that this girl would have recorded while having sexual relations with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi. Suárez fears that these videos will see the light of day, which is why he would have offered a significant amount of money to his ex-partner’s lover so that all the videos were destroyed.

María José Suárez breaks her silence

The model has spoken exclusively to the magazine Ten minutesin statements in which he harshly attacked Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “What a bad guy! I’m hallucinating with all this. I don’t want to see him again, not even in painting”. A betrayal in the form of disloyalty that has been condemned by the Andalusian, who has assured that “no matter how much he tries to say the opposite”they were together at the time he slept with Valeri.

María José Suárez, terrified by the videos recorded by Escassi and her lover:

These days, the rider even went so far as to say that both had an open relationship, something that María José Suárez has categorically denied: “He knows perfectly well that that is a lie.”. The people closest to the model also feel disappointed with a person who “He has not only deceived María José, but also everyone around him”.


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