Marko slams Norris: “His behavior was pathetic”

Helmut Marko has been blunt regarding the clash between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Both fought for victory in the Austrian Grand Prix and it all ended with the Dutchman in fifth position and the McLaren driver having to abandon the race. The Englishman complained about what happened on the radio and The Red Bull advisor has not hesitated to criticize him: “His behavior was pathetic”.

This incident has not gone unnoticed by anyone, since, from the car, both drivers were dissatisfied with what had just happened. Lando Norrisat the end of the race, He pointed out that the Dutchman had not left him space and that he had gone against him. For its part, Max blamed the Briton: “Lando braked late and hoped the other driver wouldn’t make the turn”.

Marko hard on Norris

Amid all this rain of accusations from one and the other, Helmut Marko has not hesitated to harshly attack the first McLaren driver. In the first instance He described the Englishman’s way of acting after the puncture as “pathetic” in communication with your team.

The Red Bull advisor attributed this behavior to the driver’s lack of experience. “These things happen and I would consider it a racing accident, although the most likely thing is that Norris exceeded his limits”the Austrian said about what happened on Sunday.

The end of a friendship

This confrontation is between two pilots who are best friends, or at least they were, since Lando stated after the race that if the Dutchman did not accept his mistake he would lose a lot of respect on his part.. “Norris’ comment that Max should apologize doesn’t help much, but they will meet to talk,” Marko commented on the Briton’s words.

The relationship between the two has been affected after what happened, as confirmed by Red Bull’s own advisor: “They normally fly together, but this time they traveled separately. So Max had a smooth return flight.”. What is certain is that both will meet again this weekend at the British Grand Prix, where the McLaren driver will play at home and will seek to close the gap on the current champion.


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