Matthew McConaughey appears unrecognizable, what has happened to the actor?

Matthew McConaughey He has shared a spectacular image of his face on social networks. A bee has stung the actor near his right eye and his face looks very swollen in that area. In fact, in the photograph it seems that he cannot open his eye. Despite everything, the artist appears smiling on Instagram and has received thousands of loving comments after what happened. Nothing that the protagonist of the series ‘True detective’ or from the movie ‘Interstellar’ can’t stand.

The effects of a bee sting

Despite presenting such a striking appearance, a bee sting generally only produces pain and inflammation in the area. The effect is local and we should not worry too much since it disappears after a few hours. However, if after the bite we notice other effects, such as nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing o changes in pulseit is possible that we are facing a allergic reaction.

A different scenario is if we suffer the sting of several bees. In this case, we can suffer a toxic reaction, which could lead to vertigo, headache, fever or seizures, among other symptoms. In the youngest children or in people who have a previous respiratory or cardiac problem, according to the Mayo Clinicseveral bites can be a reason for medical emergency.

What to do after a bee sting

Yes like Matthew McConaugheywe have suffered a bee sting, the first thing we should try is remove the sting. Let’s remember that bees leave their stingers, but not wasps. Subsequently, we will proceed to wash the area with soap and water already apply cold to reduce inflammation. If the reaction we suffer is not mild, in addition to the previous steps we can take some painkiller.

Do not hesitate, in any case, to go to the emergency services if you feel that the effects of the bite are serious, especially in sensitive people.


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