Matxín: “Ayuso will grow with Pogacar; it is better to have him next to you than against you”

Joxean Fernández Matxín (Basauri, 1970) has a plan to conquer France again. He has created “the most powerful team of his career” and manages it to make history by winning Giro-Tour 26 years later. Tadej Pogacar is the leader, but there is much more to a structure that wants to continue dominating the World Tour.

ASK. Has this Tour started how you expected?

Answer. We are satisfied. We avoid falls and have more than 30 seconds with Remco. The fourth stage was the one we had in mind. Do a hard step, make a protocol regarding maximum efforts distributed among your partners. The first day was hard, but the Tour de France is not the ideal setting to do crazy things like attack 80 from the finish line, which is fine, but not here.

The Tour de France is not the ideal setting to do crazy things like attacking 80 from the finish line

Q. In the Galibier they managed to isolate Vingegaard. It is not something definitive, but it can be a moral victory because that had not happened in the last two Tours.

R. Small triumphs and demonstrations don’t get you yellow jerseys or rainbows. There are also many people who train very hard, but it doesn’t help either. I like the results more than the numbers on the potentiometer.

Q. Is there fear that it could explode on a day like last year at Col de la Loze?

R. He recovers better with a Twist on his legs. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but he did a Giro without much excessive effort. Without having many days of competition [31 antes del Tour] He has accumulated competition rhythm.

“We were not surprised by what happened at the Galibier with Joao and Ayuso”

Q. Has any of Pogacar’s rivals surprised you with something you didn’t expect?

R. No. When Vingegaard is at the start it is because he has the level to be where he is and he is showing it.

Q. How did you see that Almeida reprimanded Ayuso in the Galibier?

R. It has not surprised us because they are career circumstances. At the moment Adam gets in front, we would have all liked to be more compact, but this is not the Playstation that you can overtake whenever you want. You need legs, driving and we don’t run alone.

Within the team no one has said: ‘I want the same as Tadej

P. Juan Ayuso has the conditions that he has, that is why he has been a leader all his life, how is he adapting to having to look after another leader?

A. He told me that he was excited to run the Tour and we told him: ‘Yes, ok, but Tadej is going to run and the conditions are like that.’ There was no doubt about it and at the time we held the meetings, neither. Nobody has said: ‘I want the same as Tadej’.

Q. How can Juan grow with Pogacar on the team?

R. Very easy, right now being with Tadej is much better than being against Tadej. Don’t have any doubt, but no doubt.


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