“Maybe Alonso is Superman”

Pedro de la Rosa, Aston Martin ambassador, friend of Fernando Alonso and former F1 driver, as well as a commentator, he offers a very driver’s description of the ’14”s form, and driving skills.

“Fernando has taken care of himself all his life. His life has been motor racing. He has been sleeping, eating, living for motorsport, and that is what makes the difference. You don’t reach 40 in Formula 1 if you haven’t taken care of yourself to the limit, and Fernando has,” he says in a chat with Racing365.

“The fact that he’s almost 43 and will be 45 when his new contract expires, and he’s still talking about maybe a future extension, I think says it all. I’ve known him since his time in karting and I don’t see the end of it. And then, he is one of those characters who, if at any point in his career he sees that his performance is going down, he will immediately want to stop,” adds Pedro, something that Fernando himself has always stressed, who will be the first to raise his hand.

Pedro recalled with amusement when Fernando asked him a decade ago, when Pedro passed 40 and continued driving at HRT, what he noticed when he surpassed that age: “I told him: ‘Well, the first thing you’re going to lose is your eyesight.’ “I started thinking about wearing contact lenses in races, and things like that,” he says.

“I didn’t feel like I was losing speed or reaction times, but I said, ‘This was my first alarm,’ that I have to take care of my eyesight. He told me he took a test the other day and said, ‘I’m over 100 percent.’. His dad doesn’t wear glasses, so maybe this guy is Superman,”


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