Nacho Cano explodes after his arrest: “We are in a state very similar to Venezuela”

Lin figure of Nacho Cano He is in the center of the target after it emerged that he had been arrested, accused of hiring workers who were in an irregular situation in the country. The ex from Mecano reviewed the last hours in ‘Code 10’denounced the police action and points to the person who could have initiated the process and the reasons why he reported.

In the Cuatro space he revealed that those people he supposedly hired “came on a study basis.” “They entered on the recommendation of the lawyer as a tourist to apply for the visa from here, which is what 90% of the people who apply for the visa do. student visa“, he said.

Nacho Cano seriously accuses the Police: “If they find me dead in a ditch, you already know who it was”

Cano explained that his intention was never to do anything irregular and that, in fact, They were trying to film a documentary, so they made it all “open”. However, there was someone “conflictive” in the environment and, when they fired her, the problems began: “The bosses saw that it was going to be negative for coexistence and the months they expected and When she was expelled she said: ‘I’m going to report“.

Nacho Cano assures in 'Code 10' that his case

Cano denounces police coercion and a “fabricated” case

The artist recounted in ‘Code 10’ that shortly afterward the Police broke in and held the students in the police station, in what for Nacho Cano was “clear coercion,” and he assured that they did not allow the lawyer to enter. Then it was his turn: “They call me from the police station to go and I say well I go, but in no capacity and when I arrive they tell me you are detained and, leaving there, the news: ‘Nacho Cano, detained’, now a criminal.”

Nacho Cano made it clear that the agents told him that there were “indications”, but he stated that, from his point of view, it is a “fabricated” case. “He amazed me because We are in a state very similar to Venezuela. “They are beginning to have control of the security forces, this has been fabricated, the criminal is not me, it is them,” he added.

“What am I going to hire irregularly? I do what I can to keep things going by paying crazy taxes, taking money from here and there to pay everyone. I’ve been here since I was 18. Am I going to make an irregular contract now that I have four shots left to give?“, he stated.


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