Nacho Cano’s interns denounce pressure and threats from the Police to accuse the artist

Nacho Cano He is on provisional release after being accused by the Police of irregularly hiring interns for his musical ‘Malinche’. However, these workers have now filed a complaint, according to El Mundo, against the Police for alleged coercion and pressure from agents so that they would point out Mecano’s ex for the aforementioned crimes.

Apparently, the interns defend that the Police tried to force them to accuse Nacho Cano of sexual harassment and labor exploitation in an irregular situation. In fact, one of the employees maintains that the circumstances in which they gave a statement were not appropriate and that, furthermore, I kept receiving constant “comments” that restricted his freedom and that he defined as “threatening.”

Nacho Cano’s interns raise their voices against the Police

“I was not informed of anything and in the report of the complaint paragraphs and statements that were not made are included for me,” points out an intern in her complaint, to which the aforementioned media has had access. In addition, she regrets that part of what was included in the event was “altered by the agent.”

The intern, of Mexican origin, says that the purpose of these hires was to later obtain a permanent position in the musical and be “professional.” “My stay in Spain along with that of the rest of the people involved in the training process is absolutely legal, agreed bilaterally and freely accepted for myself to the extent that my intention is to dedicate myself professionally to the world of entertainment,” he adds.

In the complaint, they say that the agents who detained them did not allow them to use their cell phones, talk to each other, and that they separated them. After that, they were taken to the Leganitos police station, where They incited them to accuse Nacho Cano of sexual advances and exploitation. However, they denied these facts, as indicated by El Mundo.

“All this through deception and forced transfer to police stations, apparently to verify the affiliation and without informing that our statements were being taken again about unknown facts and asking untruthful questions and insinuations with the intention of imputing specific and determined facts to the direction of the musical ‘Malinche’, says another of the scholarship holders.


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