Nacho Cano’s most popular controversies: from “thank goodness the Spanish arrived in Mexico” to “thanks to Columbus the iPhone exists”

NAcho Cano was arrested this Tuesday, June 9, by the National Police. The authorities point out that the composer has committed a crime against the rights of workers and foreign citizens. According to the research, Nacho Cano would have hired immigrants in an irregular situation for his show ‘Malinche’. The Police took his statement and then he was released with charges.

This has not been the only controversy carried out by Nacho Cano in recent months. At every interview or event he has appeared at, he has ended up leaving a statement for which he has been harshly criticized. Ayuso, colonization, Mexico, the iPhone… At we review all its controversies.

His definition of Ayuso and ‘I like fruit’

In the midst of controversy in the Congress of Deputies over Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s insult to Pedro Sánchez that ended up becoming a campaign slogan, Nacho Cano defined the president of the Community of Madrid as “the woman who has done the most for vegetarianism in the history of Spain”in reference to ‘I like fruit’.

His vision of the colonization of America

In the midst of promoting ‘Malinche’, Nacho Cano gave an interview to El Mundo in which he left headlines like these: “If we had not discovered America, World War II would have been won by Hitler.”“Thanks to the Christopher Columbuses or Hernán Cortéses of History, we now have the iPhone” or “Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador should be grateful because if it had been the English, they would not have left a single one alive”in reference to the arrival in America.

Nacho Cano's most popular controversies:

Nacho Cano and the “dictatorship” that Spain is currently experiencing

When the composer was asked about current society, he did not hesitate to describe Spain as “a dictatorship”: “It looks a lot like Franco’s. A lot. You can no longer say what you want or think how you want. That’s why I don’t identify with people who are on that wavelength. “What we are experiencing right now is not freedom,” he said in an interview in El País.


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