NBA: The dumbest injury in history or a ritual?: What is Dwight Powell doing headbutting himself with a frame?

UAn image spreads like wildfire on social networks. Dwight Powell, a 2.08-meter interior for the Dallas Mavericks, runs and jumps inside the Texan franchise’s pavilion. With such bad luck… or confusion that he hits a head on a door frame. Is it the dumbest injury in history or is there something behind it?

The reality is that Powell’s header with the door is not new and had appeared on other occasions. “He forgot how tall he is,” they say on social networks. Or not, because it is something that is usually done as a ritual. Even in other videos he removes his head before fully hitting.

The Canadian is one of those tireless workers on the team led by Luka Doncic on the court. And he perhaps has the strangest ritual that exists. Because at the moment it’s not going any further. He is not injured according to the official report from the Dallas Mavericks.


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