NBA: The New York Knicks ruin Antetokounmpo and Lillard’s Christmas

New York at Christmas is a stage magical Typical of cinema and lovers’ trips. From the lights of their neighborhoods, passing through the Rockefeller Center… even basketball. There is no franchise more festive than the New York Knicks, the one that has played the most in NBA history on December 25. AND They took advantage of the visit of some launched Milwaukee Bucks to play one of their best games of the course. Victory more comfortable than what he says marker (129-122) and a wake-up call to Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.

Brunson shoots from mid-range.LAPRESSE

In New York there was one name above all: Jalen Brunson. Their 38 points and 6 assists made him the third ‘knickerbocker’ with the most points on Christmas Day after Bernard King (1984) and Rickie Guerin (1961). And they joined with 24 Randle, 21 Barrett and 20 Quickley. A competitive perfection from start to finish to knock down the 32, each, of Antetokounmpo and Lillard.

New York deserved it. To begin with, the first part of the Knicks It was admirable in every way. They love Christmas Day and they came out fitter than some sleepy Bucks on a Big Apple morning. Brunson, with 15 points in the first quarter, opened the scoring and with a triple from Randle and a 2+1 falling from the point guard generated the first interesting advantages (34-24, 11′). Rhythm on both sides and responses to what Milwaukee proposed through long distance with Lillard (36-27, 12′).

Lillard himself was the one who tried to turn the tables. He took advantage of the fact that without Brunson the Knicks lost clarity in attack and invented five points that equalized the match. But the locals maintained their perfect start thanks to long distance. Barrett continued supporting his point guard, Brunson hit another triple and Julius Randle closed the first half with a tremendous one to show New York’s good moment (62-51, 24′).

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dunk for Christmas

It spread. Because after every Bucks move there was a better response from the locals. Almost always through the paint, a constant throughout the game, and counterattacks. It wasn’t easy. Antetokounmpo wanted to accelerate and went up to 17 points in the third quarter. Present everywhere, brutal above the rim. And Lillard, who supported with nine more. Added to a triple by Connaughton (77-73, 27′) they could have completely changed the game, but the Knicks lived.

Portis made a personal mistake in attack and Milwaukee fell into its problems again. Brunson drew a tremendous 2+1 and later answered Lillard from mid-distance. New York was back. Grimes and Hart joined forces, and the transitions dynamited the Wisconsin team’s comeback attempt (108-96, 37′).

Brunson’s basket against the Bucks

There was no further reaction from the Bucks. That although they recovered from a sequence of failed triples between Middleton, López or Portis never closed their comebacks successfully. In the last minute Brunson closed his magical night from mid-range and Randle put the finishing touch on the staff after a last attempt by Middleton.

The perfect closing for the Knicks. They break the 7-0 streak of the Bucks, who at 22-7 continue to chase the Celtics in the East. In the Big Apple, stability to be 6 with 16-12. Christmas always feels better in New York.


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