NBA: Two videotapes of a Celtics-Lakers were the ‘Big Bang’ of the NBA

La NBA program for Christmas a Lakers-Celtics as the cherry on top of an appetizing day of matches on the official competition day of the year, December 25, which attracts the most attention throughout the planet. Because the ‘All Star Game’ is another story. The world has already become accustomed to the gift of each season and turns its head towards the United States on an already traditional and festive afternoon-night in Spain, of sweet digestion, brotherhood and enjoyment, a few hours to toast in company in a room adorned by a tree full of little lights: a Knicks-Bucks, with Antetokounmpo (18.00), a Nuggets-Warriors, with Jokic and his crew before Curry (8:30 p.m., Movistar +), and the Clsico Lakers-Celtics (11:00 p.m., Movistar +), the match of maximum rivalry that has kept millions of fans glued to the screen since the distant (and charming) 80s. Then in the early hours of the 26th there will be a Heat-Sixers with Embiid, the regular season MVP, and a Suns-Mavericks, con Durant y Doncic. Santa Claus brings us a basketball.

On January 31, 81

And Celtics-LakersPrecisely, it was the first NBA game to be televised outside the United States, on January 31, 1981 in Italiadeferred, 13 of the disputes that were disputed in Boston Garden with triumph of the Celticsat the dawn of the extraordinary struggle that they maintained Larry Bird y Magic Johnsonwho did not play that game, during the decade. The Lakers won five rings in 8 finals out of 10 possible. The Celtics three in five. There were three Finals between the old enemies. The story of two antagonistic cities, Boston and Los Angeles, and its teams, which had been battling since the 60s, captured the attention of fans around the world. That sporting war was an invitation to go to the front, in green or yellow.

With the broadcast of that duel, even without knowing it, the NBA began its extraordinary expansion and he did it in a troubled way. The media destiny of a championship fit in the bowels of a 22-year-old man’s handbag, Andrea Bassanian Italian who had been watching the NBA since he was a teenager (he idolized Julius Erving) for his continuous trips to the United States. His father worked on an airline. Crossing the pond for him was affordable in a few years in which the basketball in Italy, Olympic runner-up, It was like pasta, it was consumed feverishly.

A Lakers-Celtics on Christmas. We don’t need anything else

Celtics star Jason Tatum

The future of the NBA as a global event that today can be enjoyed anywhere in the world (seen in 230 countries and in 50 different languages) passed through those two coils, a rigid customs control, a TWA plane on the New York-Milan route and a broadcast by Dan Peterson, whose Italian was not academic, but served. The system decryption also failed NTSC to European PAL. The interest of Berlusconi’s Channel 5 did the rest. And the takeoff took place because seeing that was a crush. It was watching Martians play our own, earthly sport.

In Spain we had to wait until Saturday May 17, 1986with another high-quality canned product that offered Stadium 2 in La2 (the second chain was called), a Bucks-Sixers with Moses Malone, Doctor J, Barkley… In November Fernando Martín will make the jump to the NBA and then arrive ‘Close to the Stars’ con Ramn Trecet.

Now with LeBron, Curry, Durant, Embiid, Anteto, Jokic, Doncic, stars here and there, everything seems simpler. Their jerseys are sold in supermarkets, social networks have turned them into heroes who walk around the house and NBA consumption is massive, viral every night. At the beginning of the 80s, the Internet did not exist, nor did streaming. They were the years of a young man David Stern as responsible for the television rights of the NBA, a competition that had left behind the agony of its unpopularity (with numerous scandals over drugs and betting) and the low interest of the audience thanks to the shock treatment that came with the providential arrival of Bird and Magic.

The Big Bang of the NBA

He Celtics-Lakers, with 32 points from Jabbar and a 98-96 victory for the locals, was broadcast in Italy on a Sunday at 6:30 p.m. in the afternoon, in competition with Calcio. Everything was cooked in production. There were no downtimes or commercial breaks. Just basketball. That’s where it all started. “It was a kind of Big Bang, the spark,” said Ralph Rivera.general director of NBA Europe and Middle East, in La Gazzetta dello Sport. Hoy the story continues with great games that can be seen live and with a Lakers-Celtics, like always. “We don’t need anything else at Christmas,” he said. Jason Tatum, the star of Boston. And period.


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