Niño Becerra harshly criticizes the Government’s economic data: “But it is the one that is growing the most!”

AYesterday, Tuesday, June 4, President of the goverment posted a tweet in which he said the following: “Spain goes from record to record. We surpassed 21.3 million members for the first time and unemployment fell to the lowest level in the month of May in 16 years. Unemployment among young people registers a new historical low and the rate of job creation in those under 30 years of age is much more pronounced. More employment, more stable and of better quality“. Minutes after its publication, a hello of criticism cons these statements ensuring that they are lie.

One of those critical voices is that of Boy Becerra responding to the President of the Government and the study published yesterday from Moncloa about the Spanish economic situation. “A 48,5% of citizens residing in Spain have difficulties making ends meet“. “The rate of risk of poverty or social exclusion has increased slightly in the last year and reaches 26.5% of the population residing in Spain”.

Almost half of the population has problems making ends meet

Becerra, in those tweets, cited an article from Público, which is based on the Moncloa study, where they affirm that 48.5% of the Spanish population has problems making ends meet. Some of these causes are due to low salaries and the high price of housing.

Other of the main recent problems exposed both in the article and by Becerra on his social network is that “the percentage of citizens who suffer from severe material and social deprivation. It happens to 9% of the population.” “The number of people who have not been able to maintain an adequate temperature in their home increases, reaching 20.7% in 2023.”

In this way, Niño Becerra has expressed his discontent with the management of the Government and the economy: “But ESP’s economy is the fastest growing among the largest economies in the EU!“. A complaint that several of his followers have also shared, responding to the publication. “Clearly there is a problem with salaries, and this is due to our structure of SMEs, very atomized and the majority with less than 50 workers. Also because it has greatly reduced industrial weight”.


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