Otegi reveals whether he will support Spain or France in the Euro 2024 semi-final match: “It is prohibited”

Ethe party of semi-finals of the Euro Cup that will face Spain against France It has the entire country in suspense. Nothing else is talked about and it is always a recurring theme on television and radio programs. This is why Arnaldo Otegi, leader of Bildu, was asked if I supported one team or another during an interview in Radio Euskadi

With neither of the two“, the politician declared flatly before qualifying “because then ‘you are anti-Spanish and anti-French.'” “No, I am never going to go with two teams that represent two states that deny us the possibility of playing with ours“he explained.

And he continued lamenting: “I cannot go with them, neither now nor ever. It is neither my anthem nor my selection. But, apart from that, to those who say ‘long live freedom, damn it’, enthusiastic in Madrid. Do Basque players have the freedom to play with the Basque or the Spanish? No. Because it is prohibited“.

Otegi regrets that Spain or France are classified today

Unfortunately today one of the states is going to be classified that they deny us Basques to play with ours and I am from the Basque team,” he confessed before insisting that “we should reflect and think.”

“Us They prohibit us from playing with ours and it seems good to us that we play with theirs… My team is neither the Spanish nor the French. They are not my anthems, they are not my colors, they are not my heads of state. “I’m going with the Basque girl and I hope and wish that one day we will play with ours,” she concluded.


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