Paz Padilla is clear with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “If he tells me ‘come with me’, I swear I will leave everything”

Sdefinitely yes ‘The Nougat’ If he had known what his party would be like, he might have thought twice about whether to have it or not. And since Saturday, the tabloids have not commented on anything other than the good complicity between Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and Hiba Abouk throughout the event.

Given the commotion that has been generated, the rider has had no other option but to clarify the situation. In this way, this past Tuesday he went live on ‘Late’ to explain the reality of everything. “I have absolutely no relationship with Hiba. She is a wonderful person that I know through the world of ‘MasterChef’, I have a fantastic friendship with her and she is a great person. I have absolutely nothing with her and I want to clarify it,” he stated very forcefully.

Paz Padilla is sincere: “I leave everything”

The topic was discussed again this Wednesday on ‘TardeAR’. What few could imagine, even knowing her, is that Paz Padilla “would have left everything” for Escassi. “I was with Escassi this weekend, because I was also at the ‘El Turronero’ party”the comedian began by saying.

After that, the collaborator of the Telecinco space did not hesitate to show her love for the businessman with this confession: “If Escassi says to me yesterday ‘Peace, come with me’, I swear I will leave everything”said Paz, causing laughter from his companions.

Paz Padilla is clear about it with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi:

As if this were not enough, the actress has also told a secret about one of the most handsome and sought-after men. “I have a friend who works in the film industry in Hollywood and he told me what a mistake Brad Pitt has: he smells bad.”. In Hollywood, no one wants to be with him because of that,” she said.


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