Pedro Piqueras gets wet about the new season with Pablo Motos, Broncano and Latre: “It’s going to be difficult…”

LThe new television season is going to be one of the most competitive in recent times, especially in prime time. And the three big chains in our country, La 1, Antena 3 and Telecincothey will face each other with similar and attractive bets. David Broncano, Pablo Motos and Carlos Latre They will be measured every night in a time slot that has always had an owner, ‘El Hormiguero’.

However, this time the Antena 3 space may falter. One of the faces with the most knowledge about television has spoken on this matter, Pedro Piqueras. The one who was the presenter of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ for so many years is now retired, but he wanted to give his perspective on who will lead this race.

“It’s going to be hard to unseat…”

Before that, the journalist has confessed that he is very comfortable living his new life. “I don’t miss work at all, what I do miss is the people, the wonderful colleagues I had. “I have worked hard for 51 years and I missed so much the possibility of having a beer with my family or friends in the afternoon, which is why I am enjoying it,” she said.

After that, Piqueras has made it clear what his commitment is for the next television era. “I think it will be difficult to unseat Pablo Motos, I think he is very strong and there are things like the loyalty of the publicwhich is very difficult to change from one day to the next,” he forcefully predicted.

Pedro Piqueras, about the new television season with Pablo Motos, Broncano and Latre:

“When you are there for a long time, people trust you, so I think it will be difficult to unseat Pablo Motos. Now, the other two options are very good, both Broncano and Carlos Latre”, added the veteran communicator. “Me, as I was an older guy who had already been on TV, I had that advantage of fidelity. And now I’m noticing it,” he concluded with a laugh.


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