Premier League: ‘Unboxing Day’: we discover the most curious facts about ‘Boxing Day’

Boxing Day is here. The Premier League does not stop and will return after the Christmas Eve and Christmas binges with five games and with Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United, Aston Villa… sticking together on the grass while the rest of Europe ‘rests’ by the fireplace.

A gift for the fan. A tradition that no one can handle. History (more widespread) tells that on December 26, since the Victorian era, The nobles gave their workers a box with food, money or gifts as a thank you. for their work at Christmas, giving them a day off.

A date that became a day of shopping and football with the ‘boom’ of the ball in the 19th century throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. A moment marked in red in football, whose stadiums have been filled with families and a special atmosphere for decades. Although we have to go back to December 26, 1860 for the first duel between the two oldest clubs in the world, Sheffield FC and Hallamto kick off Boxing Day.

The Boxing Day tradition is enormously important. It is one of the characteristics of this League. This period is special and it will not change

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach

“It is a very special day in the Premier. It is an ideal family day to play football. There is an incredible atmosphere“, Arteta noted. “The Boxing Day tradition is enormously important. It is one of the characteristics of this League. This period is special and it is not going to change,” said Guardiola. However, complaints from clubs, coaches and players about the busy calendar that led to a winter break in February 2020 (return in January 2024) did not end with this day that is religion.

The madness of the year 63

Because the Premier has made Boxing Day global. Embedded in their marathon of Christmas matches, more games are played than ever in the Islands these days (three days of the League and one round of the FA Cup) while in most of Europe it stops. Matches loaded with goals as in 1963, when the record for the number of goals in one day was broken. 66 in 10 games!

Matches with crazy results like the Fulham 10-1 Ipswich Town, el West Ham 2-8 Blackburn Rovers, el Burnley 6-1 Manchester United, el Liverpool 6-1 Stoke, el 4-4 entre West Bromwich y Tottenham...they are already part of history. And precisely the ‘spurs’ are the kings of this date in the last decade.

The London team has never won the Premier. They have not celebrated a title since the 2008 League Cup. However, no one surpasses his 21 points in the last 10 seasons on Boxing Day, in which they are undefeated. They are followed by Arsenal (20), Chelsea (19), Liverpool (19) and Manchester City (18), although the ‘champion’ of December 26 in the ‘Premier era’ is United (67 units).

Boxing Day standings in the ‘Premier era’

  1. Manchester United: 67 puntos
  2. Arsenal: 55 points
  3. Liverpool: 53 puntos
  4. Tottenham: 53 points
  5. Chelsea: 48 puntos

Tottenham ‘ruled’ for 10 years thanks to Harry Kane. Bayern’s now ‘9’ is the all-time top scorer of this day since the re-foundation of English football in 1992 with 10 goals. ‘Moj’ the seven times he dressed short on December 26. You will not be able to expand this brand. Michael Carrick, Paolo Di Canio, Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov will also be unable to improve their record of five assists on this date. But Martin Odegaard (Arsenal) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) could help them, who have four assists each.

Barry’s record

Gareth Barry’s record of 18 Boxing Day matches is even further away.. Only James Milner (14) remotely ‘threatens’ him. There is a reason why the former Aston Villa, City, Everton and West Bromwich player has the record for the most games in the history of the Premier League (653). They will have to ‘ask’ for another gift for Santa Claus in an English League in which whoever reaches this leading event is not guaranteed to be champion.

In the last five seasons, only City (2022) and Liverpool (2020) faced December 26 as first and were champions. He escaped from the ‘reds’ in 2019 and 2021 and from Arsenal in 2023. Guardiola brought coal to Klopp and Arteta. Now, the Gunners are repeating for the second consecutive campaign and do not want to lose the lead. But for behind press ‘Pool’, Emery’s Villa, City, Tottenham… It’s time to unpack the Premier. Pure ‘Unboxing day’.


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