Presented in MARCA the XXXVII edition of the Spanish Junior Championship

Padel is the sport that is growing the most in Spain, but its growth margin seems to have no ceiling. However, in sports matters, The future is today.

Madrid will host the Spanish Junior Championship between August 26 and September 1. It’s about the thirty-seventh edition of this test, which brings together the best promises of national padel. A tournament they have played some of today’s biggest stars.

Paquito Navarro, Mike Yanguas, Juan Lebron, Alejandra Salazar or Marta Ortega They are some of the professionals who have been able to add this championship to their record. It’s a great showcase for all boys and girls that will meet in the Spanish capital in search of start building a successful career on the 20×10.

2016 Spanish Minor Championship, in Zaragoza.BOARD OF ANDALUCIA

The tournament has been presented in MARCAwith some of the most important people in this sport and who have been able to tell us What will its organization be like? He Somontes Sports Club will be the responsible for hosting this editionwith the support of the Puerta de Hierro Sports Club. More than 40 tracks available so that everything goes perfectly.

The president of the Spanish Paddle Federation, Ramon Morcillohas pointed out Madrid as the perfect place for this occasion: “Due to distance, communication and facilities it is ideal. Nowhere can you find so many tracks in such a short distance”.

For 15 days, Madrid will be the world capital of paddle tennis

Manuel Saucedo, director of CD Somontes

Manuel Saucedodirector of the CD Somontes and former director of this house, has assured that they will be prepared to make these days special for all participants and, of course, their companions. He also remembers that Madrid will be the most important city in this sport for 15 days: “Between this tournament and the Premier Padel test, it will be the world capital of padel”.

A championship very mythical, full of emotions and this year promises to give a great showbecause this sport has a lot of future in our country and will depend, in large part, on the players that meet at the XXXVII Spanish Junior Championship.


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