Real Madrid: Madness takes over Valdebebas to get a ticket: “It’s chaos, it should have been better organized…”

We’ve been here since 9:30 in the morning to get the tickets (it’s 2:30 PM). We are lifelong members of Madrid and this is complete chaos, It should have been organized much better.“This is the first and most repeated testimony in the stadium parking lot. Alfredo Di Stefano after achieving his long-awaited prize to be able to enjoy a football training session with the men of Carlo Ancelotti. As if it were the arrival of iPhone 15 to the shops Applethe members of the white club had to suffer some ‘hellish’ queues, which went around the parking lot, to achieve their goal after five hours of waiting.

And this Tuesday, December 26, tickets were made available to members to attend the Real Madrid open-door training which will take place next Saturday, December 30 at 11:00 a.m. at the stadium Alfredo Di Stfano…and madness took over Valdebebas. “The first fan arrived at 5 in the morning… to start a madness rarely seen”they told MARCA about 2 p.m. “But is there still a long line?”We asked, stunned. “Go in and find out… but it’s chaos”ends.

With the complete collapse of the parking lot, queues that went around the venue, joy took over the fans who had gotten the tickets… and panic began to fly over Real Madrid City: “They have just told us that from the box office they are warning that they are not going to close at all. (uninterrupted hours from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. established the white club’s website) and look where we are” lamented a member who saw that he still had hundreds of fans ahead of him.

It’s a shame, there are 18 ticket offices and only 5 are open… and in the morning they only had a couple working

“We have gone through all the phases, in the morning it was very cold and now we are dying of heat”tells us a fan who has obtained a ticket after more than five hours standing in line in the parking lot. “It’s a shame, there are 18 ticket offices and only 5 are open… and in the morning they only had a couple working”, shows his anger with the white club’s planning. A reception that makes it clear that Real Madrid should consider doing more open-door training for the enjoyment of its fans. “No, the idea seems great to me and that’s why we came. More than five hours of standing to get some tickets. I would have to make it easier for the member…”go.

And to get a ticket, The white club made a ‘guide’ available to the member to facilitate the work and ensure that the speed of delivery was correct.. The corresponding documents and a maximum of two seats must be presented for each partner. The problem came with the number of open ticket offices. The Alfredo Di Stefano stadium has 18 ticket offices… but only 5 of them were open to get training tickets. A fact that slowed down the distribution and increased the anger of the white partners.

The Real Madrid statement for ticket collection

Tickets will be free and each member may withdraw a maximum of two seats (one for a member and one for a companion). Tickets for companions can only be requested at the same time as picking up the member ticket at the Alfredo Di Stfano stadium ticket offices.

Tickets are non-transferable and for the exclusive use of the member and their companion. To collect tickets at the Alfredo Di Stfano box office you will need:

-The physical presentation of each regular partner.

-Original of the current membership card.

-ID or original passport of the member. Minors without ID or passport must present a family book.


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