Renfe breaks the agreement with Nacho Cano after the arrest of the artist

La arrest and immediate release of the artist and musical entrepreneur Nacho Cano is taking up much of the news this week.

The former Mecano component He was arrested this Tuesday by the National Police for alleged crimes against the rights of workers and foreign citizens. Cano would have allegedly hired immigrants in an irregular legal situation for his musicalMalinche‘.

Nacho Cano explodes against the Police after his arrest

After being released with charges, Nacho Cano offered a press conference in which defended his innocence and assured that everything is one “orchestrated maneuver” by the Policewhom he harshly attacked, and his close relationship with the president of the Community of MadridIsabel Díaz-Ayuso. Furthermore, he stated that all this comes out for cover up the investigation into Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez.

Nacho Cano seriously accuses the Police: “If they find me dead in a ditch, you already know who it was”

On the other hand, the Nacho Cano workers have filed a complaintaccording to El Mundo, against the Police for alleged coercion and pressure of the agents to point out Mecano’s ex for the aforementioned crimes.

The scholarship holders defend that the Police He tried to force them to accuse Nacho Cano of sexual harassment and labor exploitation in an irregular situation.

Renfe breaks its agreement with Nacho Cano

But after all this controversy, there have been first reactions related to Nacho Cano’s musical.

Renfethe main passenger and freight rail transport company in Spain and which depends on the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Governmentha rsplit its collaboration agreement with the Musical ‘Malinche’.

The railway company points out that the agreement they have signed may cause them a “reputational damage” and that this agreement established that the parties may withdraw “unilaterally and in advance” from him when he understood that the collaboration of the other party with other entities “is likely to cause reputational damage.”

“Renfe shares social concern about the events that occurred yesterday in relation to a alleged violation of workers’ rights and considers the National Police, which has been serving citizens for 200 years, and the State Security Corps and Forces, as one of the fundamental pillars of the Rule of Law,” Renfe said in a statement.


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