Risto Mejide’s message after Yolanda Díaz’s farewell to Sumar: “It lasts longer…”

Uno later, Risto Mejide has been put in charge of ‘Everything is a lie‘, the political news magazine that presents in Four in company of Martha Flich and the rest of the program’s regular collaborators. The recent elections to European Parliament and how the results obtained by the different parties have begun to influence the national political landscape have been the most talked about topics in the evening space, where one of the main protagonists has been Yolanda Diaz.

The until now leader of summer has decided step aside and abandon the leadership of the party to focus on his positions in the Executive, where he currently serves as second vice president and as minister of Labor and Social Economy. This, just 14 months after presenting his political project, which has attracted a lot of attention from the program’s collaborators present on set.

In fact, Risto Mejide himself could not contain himself and stoked Galician politics with sarcasmcommenting that “This program is already starting to last longer than many games“, a message that can be extended to other formations with fleeting success such as Ciudadanos or Unidas Podemos. The presenter’s comment aroused laughter from many of his collaborators, who applauded the ingenious reflection.

Yolanda Díaz’s career: five different matches

After this, in ‘Everything is a lie’ they went on to review the career of Yolanda Díaz in politics, commenting on his more or less fleeting passage through various parties such as Galician Left Alternative, in Marea, the Podemos coalition, Galicia in Common most recently Sumar, which has been the game in which Fene has spent the least amount of time. Marta Flich commented that the games that Díaz abandoned they ended up disappearingleaving in the air the question of How long will Sumar last after the abandonment of what was its main architect.


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