Roger Federer reveals his most unexpected side and declares himself a fan of Taylor Swift: “In my Swiftie era”

Taylor Swift continúa su gira ‘The Eras Tour’ throughout Europe and, wherever he goes, he does not stop accumulating one success after another. Celebrities of all kinds have not wanted to miss details of the American singer’s concerts and one of the latest to join this trend has been the former tennis player Roger Federerwho has shared his passion for the artist with a surprising publication.

The Swiss did not hesitate to attend one of Taylor Swift’s last concerts and demonstrated this on his Instagram profile. First with a series of images in which he showed her wrist, full of bracelets and gifts that event attendees can purchase.

A few hours later, Federer once again left everyone stunned with an image on his profile that few expected. He did it with a photo with Taylor Swift herself, with whom he was able to meet after the concert. “In my era Swifties”wrote this Wednesday, July 10.

Division in networks due to Roger Federer’s new hobby

His publication accumulates thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in just a few minutes, and there are several who were unaware of Roger Federer’s love for Taylor Swift’s music. Some users, in fact, have joked about it: “If Roger is a Swiftie, so am I.”.

Roger Federer reveals his most unexpected side and declares himself a fan of Taylor Swift:

“Tell me that you have teenage daughters without telling me that you have teenage daughters” or “The king living his best life” are some of the comments that the former tennis player has received on his profile. Others, however, did not want to miss the opportunity to blame him for lowering himself to current fashion: “You’re better than this.” “Maybe I’m a Djokovic fan now,” says another fan on Instagram, which shows the division of opinions on this matter.


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