Sonsoles Ónega surprises by revealing the health problem he has suffered: “I already know that my resistance has a limit…”

Onega sleeps always has shown a strength on screen worthy of praise. That drive, that passion for what he does, the way he communicates… but everything has a limit. The body, from time to time, sends warning signals at a certain moment in life The Antena 3 presenter has already received that ‘call’ for help.

She revealed it herself. Without filters. As it is. Comes to the end of the season in need of vacation. He year has been hard and intense and that has ended him impact on the physical. Maintaining the high competitiveness of its program ‘And now Sonsoles’ has caused a rebound effect. In negative.

Sonsoles Ónega surprises by revealing the health problem. / A3

Sonsoles began by saying: “I’m not asking for anything, just to be preserved as I have been until now. The most valuable thing is to have health to go with everything”in a statement to Europa Press for the portal ‘Chance.

And he dropped the bomb: “This year I have discovered that my resistance has a limit y “I became chronically exhausted.”. To add, below. “It has been a very demanding yearbut I am not complaining at all about the results, we already knew it was going to be a difficult season, I said it when it started, we have a competition between the greats of television and we have finished well, with great enthusiasm for next year.”

Regard to love, he wanted to tiptoe. It is known to everyone that Sonsoles Ónega and Juan, 52-year-old financier, met through mutual friends at a dinner. A love story that would be close to celebrating its first anniversary. He accompanied her to this awards ceremony and just said. “Well yes, the truth is that she is very happy that she is accompanying me.”


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