Spain is ‘MVP’… and insatiable

“The one we have mixed upwhich these players have messed up.” Luis de la Fuentehappy, exalted, expressed with words, with admirationwhat the footballers had shown on the field. Spain surprised again in the Euro Cup. Contra Francecoming back, with a 16-year-old boy scoring an incredible goal… The shot is missing, the finalbut La Roja is being the best selection of the tournament Until now. By game, by sensations, by results.

This Spain belongs to MVP. “In a great team, with great players, who join forces and work to make the whole shine. We want more,” says the coach, proud of his players. “We have to continue improving. You’ll tell me, damn, this never stops, but we have to keep improving, because the next commitment is going to be more difficult. You have to do a lot of things to win a final,” he continues.

You’ll tell me, damn, this never stops, but we have to keep improving

Luis de la Fuente

Spain 2-1 France: summary and goals | Euro Cup (Semifinals)

Spain, whatever happens, has already made history. It is the only team that has been in the final of a Euro Cup winning all the games consecutively: six. That is why Luis de la Fuente is dedicated to his players. “This team makes me have faith. If I already have faith, this team is something to always believe in. They are exemplary players. Individually they are fantastic, but they make that individuality benefit the collective.“he assured.

This team makes me have faith. If I already have faith, this team is something to always believe in. They are exemplary players

Luis de la Fuente

“Individually they are fantastic,” says the coach and UEFA also reaffirms it. Because a Spain player has always been chosen ‘MVP’ (Most Valuable Player) by Panel of Technical Observers of the highest body of European football in all matches and, in addition, none has repeatedwhich gives an idea of ​​the template quality of La Roja and the numerous alternatives that the team manages. If one does not shine, another shines. If one does not resolve, it sentences another. Spain is a team.

Group stage vs Croatia: Fabián

Fabián was Spain’s first ‘MVP’. The midfielder nailed it in the team’s debut at the Euro Cup. He went out against Croatia. UEFA praised his “very good game” and highlighted that he was “Always supporting creation, he assisted Morata in the first goal and scored an incredible goal”. A goal that was La Roja’s second, the one that made it 2-0, the one that gave peace of mind in the debut.

Group stage vs Italy: Nico Williams

He is, along with Lamine Yamal, one of the sensations of the Euro Cup. Her letter of introduction in the form of an exhibition came in the second match against Italy, the current champion. She couldn’t have chosen a better setting. The UEFA Technical Observer Panel defined him as “a constant threat every time she had the ball. Winner in all one-on-one situations. “He scored the goal, hit the post and performed a great individual action.”. That stick they mention was a shot that could have been, without a doubt, one of the many in the Euro Cup.

Nico Williams was a constant threat every time he had the ball


Group stage vs Albania: Ferran Torres

He is not a starter, but this time he had to play and he took advantage of his opportunity. Spain already had a guaranteed place in the round of 16, but that didn’t matter to Ferran. It was the best of the match against Albania. “Dangerous at all times, offering a way out between the lines when Spain had possession and showing a high work rate. One of the most dangerous attackers in Spain and, ultimately, the scorer of the match.” His was the winning goal.

Round of 16 vs Georgia: Rodri

They named him MVP against Georgia, but he could have been MVP in any game. Rodri is being 100% reliable in this Euro Cup. Spain’s ‘computer’ in the center of the field never fails. In the round of 16, in addition to distribute the game, with a 93% success rate in the passand be generous in the effort, traveled 12 kilometers, was decisive facing goal. After the 0-1 of the Georgians, it was theirs to equalize (1-1), which caused the reaction. “A very complicated game. They put us in trouble, but the team showed character and pride and we have come back,” Rodri said after the match.

Quarterfinals vs Germany: Dani Olmo

Did not play at the start, but he entered the green due to Pedri’s injury shortly after the match began. And he was key to Spain’s long-suffering victory in extra time. Because Dani scored 1-0 and then assisted Merino to make it 2-1 in the 119th minute of extra time. Obviously, he was the MVP. “He was very dangerous, very involved in the game, he scored a goal, gave an assist and also did well on the outside. In defense, he also did a good job,” highlighted the UEFA Technical Observers panel.

At his young age, he works hard in defense and is a threat on the ball, impressing with his positioning


De la Fuente: “We have seen the genius of a genius”

France Semifinal: Lamine Yamal

A goal that will remain in the history of the Euro Cups because it was the player younger in marking, but, above all, for the beauty, for the aesthetics of the hit and what it meant: making it 1-1 shortly after the French had taken the lead on the scoreboard. Lamine, who was named player of the match, to have no roof. “His fantastic equalizing goal was crucial for Spain to get back into the game. At his young age, he works hard in defense and is a threat on the ball, impressing with his positioning and forming a productive partnership with Jesús Navas on the right,” analyzed the UEFA Technical Observers panel.


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