Sylvinho’s ‘carrerón’

Era on May 6, 2009. Stamford Bridge. It was the 92nd minute of the match between Barcelona and Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals. The Barça team was eliminated, but then Andrés Iniesta appeared to score the 1-1 tie that put his team in the final. Madness broke out among Barcelona fans. Everyone ran to the corner where Andrés was celebrating his goal. The cameras captured Guardiola’s quick return to the bench. And right there Sylvinho appeared running parallel to the coach while telling him the changes that had to be made in the few minutes left in the game. The Brazilian’s coaching streak came out. He knew perfectly well what he had to do and so he went to tell Pep who, by the way, did not like the instructions at all.

Sylvinho’s crazy celebration with the Albanians when putting Albania in the Euro

As a player Sylvinho was not a great star. He trained at Corinthians from where he made the leap to Europe. He was at Arsenal before coming to Spain where he played for Celta and later for Barcelona, ​​a team in which he completed five seasons and won two European Cups. He would end his career a year later at City.

Great teachers

He had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches. At Arsenal he was under the orders of Arsene Wenger; At Barcelona he had Pep Guardiola’s Frank Rijkaard; in Celta Lotina, Víctor Fernández and Antic; while at Manchester City their coach was Roberto Mancini. A luxury of teaching for his career as a coach, as he himself has recognized. He would coincide with the Italian coach at his beginnings as a coach, being his assistant at Inter Milan. He was also Tite’s in Brazil.


As first coach, he had no luck in his first team. He was fired from Lyon Olympic three months after sitting on the bench. He coached Corinthians for a year and a half and qualified the team for the Copa Libertadores. Later he became the Albanian coach. His challenge was huge: to qualify the team for the 2024 Euro Cup. And he did it.

Dialogue and ambitious

Sylvinho is a great student of football. He always has been and has been lucky enough to know many different Leagues that have enriched him for his work. But apart from his knowledge of football, Sylvinho is an excellent group manager as he is demonstrating with the Albanian team. He is a very communicative person who has won over the locker room. He speaks four languages ​​and that means he can communicate well with all the players.


He accepted the position of Albania coach when he saw the potential the team had with players who play in the main European leagues. And the result is there. But Sylvinho is ambitious and does not settle. A few weeks ago it was very clear in an interview with MARCA: “It’s good to go to the Euro Cup, but we want more and more.”


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