Tenerife: Tenerife hopes to ‘fish’ at Betis this week

El Tenerife steps on the accelerator when it comes to specifying the reinforcements that it wants to incorporate in the winter window and its efforts will focus, during this week, on trying ‘catch’ some Betis footballer. The blue and white have been negotiating the transfer for several weeks. transfer of winger Juan Cruzthat this course barely enters into Pellegrini’s plans, and they hope complete your loan in the coming days. The sports advisor Juan Guerrero even tries to convince Betis to include a purchase option for the Argentine, since the idea of ​​the islanders is to have the possibility of keeping the footballer. This clause, in fact, they also have it other players who arrived on loan in the summer such as Roberto Lpez or Luismi Cruz.

The extreme, however, is not Tenerife’s only objective in Heliopolis, since the islanders also They have focused on the attacker of the Btico reserve team Yanis Senhadji. Of Algerian parents, although he is already U19 international with Spainthis striker who will turn 19 at the beginning of January fits into the model of future footballer that the blue and whites intend to have in their project and his contract with Betis expires next June 30.

In the Heliodoro offices they had also opened negotiations with the Celtic Miguel Rodríguezsince they are convinced that there is a big gap for young talent with such veteran forwards on the roster as Enric Gallego or Angel Rodrguez. But the Galicians have not yet decided and Tenerife has opened other options, among which is the possibility of acquiring this youth player. In fact, they hope to convince Betis of the benefits of his immediate departure and also hope that Senhadji will agree to be part of the project by Asier Garitano, since they are the only club willing to sign him professionally this season. The footballer will have minutes in Secondimmediately, with which to increase their personal projection and the options for the islanders to fight to go up to First Division in the coming months.

The arrival of Senhadji, 1.84 meters tall, to the Betis reserve team occurred this year after he scored five goals in the same game with the green and white youth team. This is an attacker who stands out for his physique and his strength in duels with opposing defenders. Finish off good head, handle both legs and he is tireless when it comes to unmarking and working under pressure to make it difficult for the opponent to get the ball out.


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