The 10 out of 10: this is how Olmo sees Maradona, Pelé, Messi…

Number 10 is special for Dani Olmo. It is not just any number, but the number chosen by great stars in the world of football. “It’s a special number. In the end, players here in the national team have worn it: Cesc Fábregas, Thiago Alcántara… World-renowned players. Players like Maradona, Messi… The best in the world have worn it. It is a responsibility to wear that number here in the national team, for me it is a motivation“, explains BRAND.

Dani Olmo: “In Germany there is respect and admiration for Spanish football”

For this reason we subject him to a test where he must say what the big “tens” of the past and present mean to him. The 10 of 10:

  1. Skin: Single.
  2. Maradona: Idol. One of the best in history.
  3. Messi: The best in history.
  4. Mbappé: Reference right now.
  5. Cesc Fabregas: An idol too.
  6. Zidane: Magical.
  7. She had to: Lots of present and future.
  8. Luka Modric: The best in his position.
  9. Jude Bellingham: A lot of future and a lot of present.
  10. A hidden 10: Lovro Majer, from Croatia, is the one that comes to mind. I like a lot.


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