The 12 players of the Spanish women’s team who will fight for the Olympic dream

Ethe National Selector Miguel Mendez has given the list of 12 players that will be in the Paris Olympic Gamesthe sixth Olympic participation of the women’s team.

With 19 days left until their debut in the Games, the FEB has announced the list of players who will be at the Olympic event. Discards have been the basis Aina Ayuso and the pivots Nerea Beautiful y Lola Pendande.

The captain Alba Torrensthe bases Maite Cazorla, Mariona Ortiz and Leticia Romero; the escorts Queralt Casas and Andrea Vilaró; the eaves María Conde and Leonor Rodríguez; the power forwards María Araújo and Paula Ginzo; and the pivots Laura Gil and Megan Gustafsonwho will join the team on July 18.

Fourth Olympic Games in Alba Torrens

The list is headed by the captain Alba Torrens, who will participate in her fourth Olympic Games (Pekin 2008, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021), thus equaling Laia Palau as the players who have had the most Olympic participation in the history of the women’s national team. Alba Torrens will also arrive in Paris as the highest scorer in the history of the Olympic Games, with 226 points; and with the record of points in a game, 32 against China in Rio 2016.


Laura Gil and Leo Rodríguez will be in their third Olympic Games (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021), Laura Gil being the player who has the rebound record in an olympic match, with 14 rebounds achieved in Tokyo 2021 against South Korea.

Maite Cazorla, María Conde, Queralt Casas and Leticia Romero will hold their second Olympic Games in Paris, while María Araújo, Paula Ginzo, Megan Gustafson, Mariona Ortiz and Andrea Vilaró They will be in their first Olympic event. It will also be the first Olympic Games for Coach Miguel Méndez.


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