The call of the Spanish National Team for the Euro Cup… with players from the Kings League

The Eurocup is already around the corner. There is nothing left for the largest national team competition in Europe to begin and the different teams fight to be crowned champions. The Spanish National Team will not be less and will begin a tough journey in the tournament facing an always complicated rival like Croatia.

To celebrate, from MARCA Gaming we have decided to carry out our own call for the national team but with a personal touch. For this reason, we are going to elect the members who would represent our country, but with Kings League players. The squad will therefore be made up of 13 players, of which 10 must be drafted and three can be chosen from the different players 11, 12 and 13. of all teams. The only rule is, of course, that They are Spanish.


Under sticks the choice has been relatively simple, although it is true that it is one of the positions that enjoys the highest level within the competition. Despite this, it seemed quite clear that those chosen had to be Víctor Vidal, goalkeeper of Ultimate Móstoles and one of the best players in the entire league, and Marc Briones, Porcinos goalkeeper and recently crowned world champion at the Kings World Cup in Mexico.


As central defenders we have chosen to choose two players with different profiles who can contribute different things to the team. On the one hand there will be Guti, Porcinos player and a fundamental piece for Ibai Llanos and an expert in climbing, something totally key. On the other hand there is Dani Pérez, center back of xBuyer Team and one of the best defenders of the entire competition.

Media and bands

We arrive at what are probably the positions with the most possibilities of choice. Although it has been complicated to have to leave big names out, those selected are finally Roger Carbó, current Golden Crown and one of the best players in the league, Pablo Beguer, magical duo of the previously mentioned in xBuyer Team, Cristian Ubón, MVP of the First Split and one of the most quality footballers in the Kings League and, finally, Gilles Vidal who, despite the poor season of El Barriois a totally differential winger who can unbalance more than one complicated game.


We have reached the end of the draft players and there is one position left to fill, that of the forward. In this case, there are finally two chosen ones and they will surely do the job of scoring goals in this team perfectly. First of all, I couldn’t miss Kings League top scorer and current champion, Dani Liñares. Together with him it has been decided to choose someone who the goal is in his blood and that any play, no matter how harmless it may seem, can bring danger. This is none other than Marc Granero, 1K FC forward.

Players 11, 12 and 13

This has probably been where things have been most difficult when it comes to choosing. There are many great players he has the Kings League, including former professionals who know what it is like to step on the best courses in Spain and Europe. Finally those selected are Fran Hernández to manage the team from the center of the field, Javier Espinosa with that touch of quality and elegance and, finally, Nadir Louah to strengthen the defense and for his qualities as a player that allow him to be a wild card and act in different positions on the field. We especially want to highlight the non-presence of Pablo Hernández in the team because he has signed as coach of Castellón and has left the Kings League permanently.

7 ideal of the Spanish National Team of the Kings League

And with all the great players the time comes to get wet and do which would be the ideal 7 that would start as a starter. In goal we are left with Victor Vidal, defense for Guti and Nadirmiddle and bands for Fran Hernández, Espinosa and Roger Carbó and, at the point of attack, Dani Linares to bombard the rival goalkeeper.


Choose your own ideal 7


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