The clues that led Mbappé to Real Madrid: “I love you”

Plittle by little. Each time leaving a new clue, each time revealing the mystery a little more. A word, a gesture, a detail… to get closer, little by little, to Real Madrid. It had been coming for a while, but everything accelerated in the morning, around noon this Monday, and ended in the afternoon, after 7:00 p.m., when it was confirmed. Mbappé was letting himself be loved, Mbappé was no longer hiding, Mbappé forgot about PSG and… Mbappé began to think, seven years later, about Real Madrid. The wait is over. Kylian will wear white until 2029.

Mbappé signs for Real Madrid: it’s now official

“Tonight, tonight”

A conversation to start. In the morning, Emmanuel MacronRepublic President, visited the players of the French national team, who are concentrated in Clairefontaine preparing for the Euro Cup. There it coincided with Mbappé and the CMR chambers They captured the conversation between the two. “Is everything already? Is it announced today?”the president asks Kylian.

And the forward, concisely and in a few wordsconfirms the date that everyone was waiting for. “Tonight, tonight”, listening. End to the mystery.

Mbappé to Macron: “The signing will be announced tonight”RMC Sport

Goodbye to the shield

The next step came after eating. Around 4:00 p.m.Mbappé, who still has a contract until June 30 with PSG, officially ended his stay at the French club and will delete the team’s shield from its profile on social networks.

Achraf’s farewell

Kylian’s signing for Real Madrid was already an open secret and his PSG teammates were beginning to say goodbye to him. Achraf Hakimi, one of his best friends on the team, posted a goodbye message. “Thank you for everything, brother, I will miss you. I love you”he wrote.

Vinicius’ clock

Around 7:20 p.m., a new step towards the arrival of Mbappé. Vinicius, given the imminent announcement of the signing, gave another clue posting a message with a clock. The Brazilian was also waiting for who will be his new teammate next season.

In a few days…

Before this Monday, Mbappé already announced that everything would be resolved in a short time. It was just a week ago after winning the French Cup with PSG. “Why don’t you say now that you have signed for Real?”, they asked the attacker in a mixed zone. And with a lot of respect for the team where he has spent the last few years, responded: “Because I think that, first of all, I had to say goodbye to my club. There will be time for everythingI will announce my new club in due course. “It will be in a few days.”. And that date has already arrived: On June 3, 2024, Mbappé signs for Real Madrid.


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