The ‘coconut’ of the Pre-Olympic: the Bahamas NBA intimidate Spain

Bahamas has become the great revolution of the Pre-Olympic From Valencia. After eliminating Argentina from the qualifier and call up several NBA players, the Caribbean team was destined to be a contender. Against Poland, the second sample (90-81) and one that puts them in the semifinals (they should be against Angola or Lebanon) of the Pre-Olympic. Their stars play differently, physically and have varied records under FIBA ​​rules. While they are, at the same time, important pieces for their NBA teams.


Because not only Bahamas is on everyone’s lips in La Fonteta. Also in the NBA market. The one that exploded with the contracts to Jayson Tatum or LeBron James, puts the focus about several Bahamians. Eric Gordon (12 points and 5 assists against Poland) will be a luxury veteran for the new Sixers of Maxey, Embiid and Paul George. Buddy Hield (17 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds) is the one chosen to replace Klay Thompson on the Golden State Warriors. They have everything and DeAndre Ayton (18 points and 9 rebounds) joins in top form.

A roller against Poland

On the field, Bahamas He doesn’t know how to speculate. He plays physical, loves contact and his style is clearly NBA. Poland, a classic competitor on big stages, was bitter from the start with the triples by Buddy Hield and the domination of DeAndre Ayton (20-11, 7′). Up to six triples entered the first quarter, making clear the volume and success that must be had to reach their height.

Poland did not have it. He showed hope with details such as a triple miracle by Pluta at the end of the first set or the tireless work of Balcerowski under boards, but Bahamas dominated. And if she suffered, Hield executed from outside with two more triples to his repertoire. Also with a beautiful reverse just before the intermission (50-38, 20′).


Yes indeed, It is not a team without weaknesses. Has to a certain disconnection, perhaps caused by differences in the scoreboard. Poland read that and found Jeremy Sochan and a triple from Dziewa he hit (62-56, 24′). But Bahamas tightened again and Edgecombehis child one step away from the NBA, multiplied so that fears would not exist.

He kid of 2005 and committed to Baylor University, who is expected to be among the top 10 of the next batch of rookies, was in charge of executing Poland. With a triple, a counter and counting on the total contribution of Ayton (78-61, 32′). Although Poland did not die because the triples of Balcerowski (two) and AJ Slaughter made them row to die on the shore after another rush of pure class from Edgecombe. A grind and a triple at the horn was his hallmark.

We are a team that is always confident

VJ Edgecombe


We are a team that is always confident. We feel that it is something that will never be missing from the Bahamas team. We just have to stay united and fight against adversity,” VJ Edgecombe himself told FIBA. It is his moment and that of the ‘coconut’ who appears as the great rival to beat in the classification for the Paris Games.


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