The cracks of the German footballers against Spain come from afar

A Jens Lehmann is still stung by that defeat suffered in Vienna in 2008. Fernando Torres’ goal is not forgotten and he holds a grudge, as he has demonstrated once again in statements made on German television Welt TVin which he tries minimize what Spain has done. It is not something new among German players, but it contrasts especially when the entire German press and fans value positively what Luis de la Fuente’s team is doing in the Euro Cup.

Lehmann, Ballack y Effemberg.

“Spain is a small and inexperienced team; basically, like a youth team. They played very good games. I think it will be a good game, every neutral fan can be happy. I don’t know if the Spanish were happy to have us in the quarterfinals. “You expect games like this,” said the former goalkeeper in a criticism little understood in Germany. It is true that he also had for Negelsmann. “He still doesn’t know what system they want to play in.”

Sane praises Spain

All you have to do is see how Sane talks about who will be Germany’s rival in the quarterfinals. “From the outside they appear to be very confident, but they know that he is going to be a very complicated match. It is clear that two strong teams are facing each other and we hope to take advantage of our moments, that we can maintain control. Even so, damage can be done to a team like Spain. We are the two best teams in terms of demonstrated quality“We are both in the top-3.”

The Spanish looked surprisingly vulnerable in some situations, especially when Georgia counterattacked


History points more in the direction of Lehmann than that of Sané or that of the press that describes Spain as the favorite to win the title. Contrast or objectivity against the goalkeeper’s opinion, something that Ballack also approaches when calling the team weak in defense. “What’s that? Good football, no doubt, but maybe it’s too risky if the goals don’t fall and your opponent counterattacks with determination? They are also vulnerable. If they lose the ball while advancing, they remain disorganized behind. In fact, the Spanish looked surprisingly vulnerable in some situations, especially when Georgia counterattacked.”

After the group stage and the impeccable victory over Georgia, Spain is the number one favorite

Diary picture

Not everyone is Ballack

The press does not think the same. “This wonderful team is the favorite for the title,” he says. The world. “Before the start of the tournament, Spain’s hopes for the championship were anything but great. After the group stage and the impeccable victory over Georgia, Spain is the number one favorite,” he says. Bild.

And the cracks of the Bayern players against Real Madrid are already part of the German club’s decalogue, there are also some by internationals from other eras. Effemberg is one of them. She did it by talking about the selection of Luis Enrque. “If you don’t call up anyone from Real Madrid, then you have a problem before the tournament. There’s a lack of character. That’s not acceptable at all, I think it’s at the limit.”

Karl Heinz Rummenigge He has gone down in history for his football, but also for his way of warming up some games. “0-1 is not a desired result, but I think that next Tuesday, when the second leg begins, in Munich Even the trees are going to burn. We will have 70,000 fans supporting the team” this was in 2014. It was not successful, Bayern was eliminated.


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