The crazy celebration that Alberto González plans in Paris: “If I win a medal I will be a mortal in the Seine… Even if I go to jail later”

Alberto González (Málaga, 1998) received the news barely a month ago that he would be in Paris 2024. His first Games were a reality and he would fulfill his great dream. At 25 years old, the Andalusian triathlete faces the challenge with terrible ambition and without setting limits. His results not too long ago in the World Cups in New Zealand and Hong Kong give him reasons to dream and he is not afraid of what awaits him in the French capital: “I think it will be different. It is true that it depends on the protagonists there are, the ambition there is, the coordination to move forward… For example, since I saw London and Rio with the Brownlee brothers, they were the people who led the group, they pushed forward, they made the efforts by swimming , on a bike running, that is, super complete triathletes. In the triathlon the bike race can be very broken… Well, already starting the swimming and if there are 10 people who are escaped, those are almost the ones who are going to finish. in the finalist positions, in the top 8,” he tells us.

An Olympic classification that has not been easy at all: “As my father saysI managed to do the fastest lap at the last moment, I am delighted to be part of the Olympic team. I always saw the Games as the race of all time. I remember Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Javi Gómez Noya competing and thinking that now I am going to be one of those participating… It is a dream. I always believed in the process and, although I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I was going to fight it,” he adds.

González is clear about who he will take his first photo with in Paris: “I would like to do it with van der Poel… Him or Pogacar. They are the ones I follow and watch the most on television. I am lucky to train in Sierra Nevada alongside Olympic champions and it is a joy,” she acknowledges.

The goal is the finalist position… But without closing yourself to anything: “If I get a medal, I would become a mortal there on the Seine from the Alexander III Bridge. Then I would have to go to jail, but I would be happy to do it,” she concludes.

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