The DGT is ‘inflated’ to impose fines on roads with works for these 10 reasons

La General direction of traffic has carried out a campaign to check how drivers act every time we encounter a section of works on the road. And although it was between June 3 and 9 When the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard put its focus on this aspect, it is in these days that we have known the results.

131 incidents in 2023

To understand the danger of this behavior, it is enough to know that in 2023 the drivers caused 131 accidents in the areas of road maintenance and conservation works, of which 21 involved workers working or walking on the road and 110 They affected conservation and maintenance workers who were inside their vehicles.


They were not good numbers, so the DGT The objective of monitoring this situation was set and during the aforementioned week last month it controlled 187,852 vehicles. The results, as we are going to explain to you, they haven’t been that good as we might expect.

Excessive speed, the big problem

11,888 drivers, that is, a 6,3%, They had to be reported for not acting appropriately. The most common violation was not respecting speed limits (10,173 complaints)which often force us to reduce 80 km/h speed on highways and even less on secondary roads. This error is sometimes made due to lack of awareness of possible dangers and sometimes due to distraction which leads the driver to not adopt the appropriate speed in time.

Continuing with the most common violations, 275 drivers they took the fine home for not respecting the signs of any type, whether those made by the agents who monitored traffic, verticals, travel markings (they are painted with orange lines and often require small detours), traffic lights, cones, beacons or any other type Signaling.


A 193 drivers They were fined because they were using the mobile phone, An element that is dangerous to use in normal driving conditions is even more so in sections that require an extra dose of attention.

More violations

Other fairly common violations were not using the seat belt (183) y making illegal overtaking (161)while driving with the presence of a driver also appeared on the list of the most common reasons for going home with a fine. drugs in the body (61)with rates of alcohol higher than those allowed (52)accomplish negligent driving (33)not respecting the safety distance (21) and perform Lane changes not permitted (30).


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