The “disgusting” email to María José Suárez about Escassi with her sexual practices

Lthe media breakup of María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi gave a script twist.

The program ‘Public mirror’ of Antenna 3 reported that the winner of Miss Spain 1996 received an email with details about the rider’s alleged infidelity.

María José Suárez explodes against Escassi after their breakupEP

Miguel Valls explained that María José Suárez received the email just 48 hours after finish a cruise with Escassi.

“The two of them on this cruise have plans for the future. They reconcile… María José is very much in love, very hooked. Álvaro is charming with María José and the other people who accompany him but 48 hours later María José received an email from a person “This email has five points,” declared Valls.

The five points of the “disgusting” email that María José Suárez received about Álvaro Muñoz Escassi

The official website of ‘Espejo Público’ includes the five main points of the email, which the model described as “disgusting” and which she replied to the sender, which opened María José Suárez’s eyes about “the biggest love scam she has suffered in her life.” “.

– Presentation of the person and communication of the infidelity.

– Information on the number of times infidelities occurred, and with whom.

– Álvaro’s alleged intentions with the person in question, along with María José.

– Detailed explanations of the sexual practices they carried out.

– Álvaro’s promises to his lover to spend more time with her.


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